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How To Show Up On These Three Social Media Platforms

BY Team BossBabe


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We get it – showing up on social media and actually getting the recognition you deserve can be a lot harder than it seems. We can thank new algorithm changes, feed updates, story rankings and all other social media changes on a daily basis. But, just because these changes are being made, doesn't mean you can't find a way to beat the social media system.

Here, we listed the best ways to show up and get results on these top three platforms.


Instagram has been one of the top social media platforms for the last 10 years and most likely will be the best place to start your business and grow your brand.

However, Instagram can be a bit difficult to maneuver due to its ever-changing algorithm. And it’s also important to realize that every person’s Instagram feed is different depending on their interactions and pages they follow, etc.

What affects your posts ranking:

  • Post date/time
  • Location
  • Tags
  • Likes
  • Saves

This is how Instagram determines your page's overall credibility. This can be a good and bad thing because – for one – if your audience engages in similar content like yours then it's almost guaranteed that they will see and interact with your postings. But, if they don't – this makes it harder for your content to reach their feed.

Being consistent about what and when you are posting is a great way to beat the IG algorithm. This raises your chances of showing up on your audience's feed because it shows Insta that you are credible with recent and consistent activity. 

Also, engaging with other accounts is a surefire way to raise your account's engagement as well. So, liking, commenting and following people is a great way to increase engagement. And, always remember to comment back to your followers on your posts.

Make sure to follow social trends, too. Popular audio clips and relevant industry topics are a great way to stay in the conversation on what’s trending.

And, finally, make sure to incorporate keywords on your account’s page. Despite contrary beliefs, the use of hashtags is a great tool to allow your account to pop up on the explore page or the search bar. This is key to attracting a new audience.


Like Instagram, Facebook loves when users post consistently and within a certain time frame. So creating a posting schedule would be most beneficial for you and your business (a tool like Hootsuite would be great to use). Facebook typically boosts your post to the last 50 people who’ve engaged with your content previously and the best way to get more people to engage is by creating consistent content.

Utilizing your calls to action is another great way to get your potential audience to engage with your post. Writing a captivating caption like “thumbs up if you agree” or “share this post to someone who needs it,” is a great way to initiate engagement.

Also, creating mobile-friendly content is imperative to growing your account. The majority of Facebook users access the app on their phones, so pictures and links should be formatted appropriately so that they can be easily seen and shared.



TikTok is a fairly new app which means it’s still testing the waters to see what works and doesn't work for its users. Similar to Instagram, TikTok has a “For You” page which operates just like Instagram's “explore page.” However, TikTok keeps its algorithm habits more secretive than Instagram – but we do know that the viral app recognizes your preference in the post you like or watch and tailors your feed to those types of videos.

One of the main differences between the Instagram feed and the TikTok feed is that TikTok encourages new accounts and content to be seen by you first when you open the app. Your landing page when you open the app is essentially the “For You” page.

Because of this new algorithm, TikTok makes it easier for people to build an audience and gain fame. The longer people watch your video, the better chance you have of popping up on news feeds.

To beat the system, try shorter videos as this will raise the chance of users watching your content from start to finish. Add popular and trending music to your videos, as this was one of TikTok's main functions when starting their app. Use your needed hashtags, and remember to engage with other people's accounts. Because social media isn't exactly social if you are not, well – being social. 

Try using these simple hacks to grow your social media accounts. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to get your post to be seen and engaged with – but we also know the major benefits of what happens when your posts start going viral.

PS: if you’re looking for the best ways to hone in on your social media skills, check out this masterclass.


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