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How To Refresh The Vision And Mission Of Your Business

BY Michelle Slote

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Do you remember the original vision and mission of your business? Do you remember why you started?

As entrepreneurs, it is easy to lose sight of our ultimate goal.  The “daily grind” is likely to rob you of your inspiration. When this happens, it is a sign that you need to refresh your business's vision and mission.  How? Read on!

Number One – Remember your “Why”

When the going gets tough, you must remember why you are an entrepreneur.  Is your family a motivating factor?  Do you hate being an employee?  Is financial freedom your reason?

Whatever your “why”, be sure it is something that is very close to your heart.  When you think about your “why”, you must feel some sort of emotional attachment to it; you must desire it.  This will carry you through the hard times and help you come out, stronger and more determined than ever.  Your “why” will consistently, help you refresh your business' vision and mission.

Refresher 02 – Remember how far you have come

Do you remember, when you were little, how every-day events seemed mysterious and magical?  Now, as adults, we've figured out how to do these basic tasks and they have become mundane.  Equate this to your entrepreneurial journey!

You have come a long way, since childhood. You have also, come a long way from when you first began your entrepreneurial journey. Remember where you began.  You are most likely not doing it exactly the way you did on day one, because you have improved!

Let this serve as a gentle reminder that, no matter how far you are within your entrepreneurial journey, you are one step closer to reaching your goals, every day.

Refresher 03 – Gain a fresh perspective

Step outside.  Take a break every half an hour. Refresh your senses. Take a moment to ignore the nitty-gritty of the daily grind. It will be there when you return to your to-do list.  During your breaks, focus on anything but your business. Focus on your family and pets.  Focus on the fresh, crisp air flowing from your open window. This is especially important; during your breaks, do your best to avoid social media.

Take a moment to breathe and view your business from an outside perspective.  You may have an epiphany, you may receive a jolt of inspiration, or you may feel inclined to take a nap. (all of which are perfectly fine!) Go with the flow, and your business' vision and the mission will be refreshed.

Refresher 04) Remember your end-goal

Take the advice that everyone gives, and create a vision board. Create the vision board with your end-goal in the front of your mind.

  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • Who will be there?
  • What will you be accomplishing?
  • Who will you be able to help?
  • What types of things do you see, daily?
  • What types of opportunities do you have?

Vision boards have the uncanny ability to help you filter out the unnecessary tasks.  Every time you see your vision board, you are reminded of your end-goal. When you think about your end-goal, it will prompt you to ask yourself, “Am I doing the correct tasks? Am I on the right path?”  For this reason, vision boards act as a suggestive “to-do list filter”!

Vision boards help refresh your business' vision and mission, on a whole other level!


Do you remember why you started your business? Has the daily grind caught up with you? Have you lost the inspiration you once had? Read on!

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Your vision and mission as an entrepreneur is the foundation of your business.  When you start to lose sight of them, you lack inspiration and your productivity plummets.

Save your inspiration and productivity by refreshing your business' vision and mission!

Have you lost sight of your vision and mission for your business? How have you refreshed your business' vision and mission, in the past?

Are you ready to press reset and refresh the vision and mission of your blog and business?

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