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Launch Lessons: How to Reach Your Full Potential in Life + Business

BY Team BossBabe

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What if we told you there's actually a foolproof formula for reaching your full potential and achieving massive success?

Most people think success comes from pushing yourself to your limits, but the truth is it's only about 20% action. The remaining 80% is all about psychology. That means mastering your mindset is the key piece to focus on.

Everything in life is about the perspective you choose to have, or in other words, the belief systems you live by. The story you tell yourself about who you are and what you're capable of is the core of your success potential.

The beliefs we carry shape our reality; they either motivate us to be more and do more or they limit and block us. You can choose to believe that you don't deserve success or choose to believe that it's your right to go after it — it's up to you!

What most people don't know is that there is actually a science to reach your full potential. When it comes to success, you don't have to wait to be lucky, or wait until you're ready (chances are you never really will be). But you can hone (and duplicate) your success by shifting your belief cycle through four core elements: Potential. Action. Results. Beliefs.

How to Take Charge of Your Potential

How does this work? Have you ever said “I’m not feeling it”; “I’m not inspired”; “I’m not motivated”; “I’m a procrastinator” or any variation of these statements?

As you reflect on these statements, notice how your body reacts. The sensation you feel that either pulls or drags you is your potential, AKA the motivation or inspiration that exists inside of you and propels you to take action.

Most people live life thinking that they have no control over their potential. The truth is that you can always give yourself permission to take that power back. You are in control of your motivation. You create your inspiration and determine if you feel like getting something done. The way you do this is through your beliefs.

An empowering belief will create positive potential. A disempowering belief will diminish your potential.

Answer this: If you believed that you were not enough, (now take a moment to feel into that), does it motivate you to take action or does it bring you down? It’s deflating. It’s overwhelming. It totally takes over and reduces the possibility of you seeing any opportunities around you.

woman holding blank spiral notebook to journal about how to reach full potentialNow, take a moment and be with the belief “I got this. I am enough. I am worth it and I deserve success. I deserve to impact as many lives as I can.”

What do you feel now? What sensations exist inside your body? Do you feel heavy or do you get the tingles and are inspired to take action?

Imagine what would happen if you did this every day. If every day you told yourself the truth — the truth about what you deserve and who you really are.

We are all born with the same potential, and that is limitless. It's up to you to use it.

Chances are you are capable of so much more than what you have been putting out already. If you are not living a life that is by your design, on your terms, unapologetically YOU — then it is time to make a change.

Once you have purposely chosen the beliefs that will support you then you will experience a shift in your potential and like a domino effect, it will shape the action you take. You see that is the secret that most people refuse to accept: reaching your full potential is not about the strategy.

The action you take and the effort you exert is a byproduct of your beliefs and your potential. You will take the necessary action once you have accepted the fact that you really are in control of reaching your full potential.

This Is When to Take Action

Tune in. Take action at the moment you feel it. Don’t waste that moment. So many people say “I’ll do that later.” — NO, do it right now. There is no better time than the present moment.

The secret to getting so much done is to just do it. Take action when you feel it in the moment. There is no such thing as right and wrong action. The wrong thing does not exist. If it is “WRONG” then you will learn quickly and course-correct. That is the other secret to business: learn to pivot and bend and be willing to be flexible.

Tony Robbins always says the one with the most flexibility wins in business. Inaction is what will hurt you in business, and honestly, in life. Sitting around and waiting for something to just happen or change is a waste of time. It will get you nowhere, so move! Take action and the results will come.

The Truth About “Results”

That brings us to the last piece of this lesson which is results. The results of your effort are feedback. They tell us how we are doing and where we need to go next.

The thing about results is that most people are lazy about them. Most people let the results happen and then they just leave them there. Done. This is true whether you got the result you were looking for or you didn’t. For most when they get the result they just move on to the next goal. They don’t take a moment to learn from that experience and look at what beliefs shape the actions they took that got them that result.

The truth is that our results will always support our beliefs. It’s a cycle.

If the outcome is to your favor the results you achieved will support the initial belief that inspired you to take action in the first place. If the outcome is not what you wanted it to be then what happens is it either supports a disempowering belief you already held about yourself like “I am not good enough or made for business.” Or it can create a new limiting belief that will hurt the chances of you going for it again.

You have to take a moment to evaluate your results and be proactive about choosing what to believe in. Stop living at the effect. Stop being passive about your life.

How to Activate Your Potential

It’s time to take charge. It’s time to claim the truth. You are a strong, fierce, resilient, ambitious, courageous, beautiful individual who deserves to share her knowledge with the world.

Say that to yourself. Go ahead. I am strong. I am fierce. I am resilient. I am ambitious. I am courageous. I am beautiful. I own what I know and I know that my knowledge can change another person's life.

Is it worth changing the life of one other person? To help them discover something that you already know now? To watch them impact the lives of others — starting with their family — because you showed up in their lives? Hell YES.

It’s because of this that you just HAVE TO come to this FREE webinar. Take the action now to at least say “I’m going to check this out.” I am going to take a chance on me. I deserve it.” You do deserve to reach your full potential.

Make the most of this moment and sign up now.


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