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How To Monetise Your Facebook Group Through Spiritual Connection

BY Tiffany Skirrow

I do business immersed in spirit.


Not business with a side serving of spirit.
I do business submerged in the beautiful guidance of something that is far bigger and knows far better than I do in my own strength.
Something powerful happens when you surrender your own desires of control and offer up every part of your life. When you admit ‘I trust You’, there can be a physical sensation as fear literally lifts from you.
If you’re spiritual and you’re reading this it will stir a familiar feeling. Because you get it. We’re speaking the same language here.
That’s exactly the kind of connection you create when you are honest and fully YOU when you show up in your Facebook group. You create a connection and a physical FEELING for your audience too. Energy doe not lie, always remember that.
Your spirituality is most powerful when it isn’t confined to a small corner of your life.
Intertwining your spirituality with your business allows you to move in full alignment and bring fullness to everything you do. Talking business but removing your spiritual self is diluting your message. Because your spirituality is behind your business success.
I teach continually how to connect and meet your spirit guide as well as the structure to monetising your group within our own Community ‘When She Rises' – click here to join us.
How your spirituality can monetise your Facebook Group:
Point One
1. Firstly, being spiritually aligned puts you into a space where you can work in flow and be a magnet to the things your heart desires. You welcome abundance by listening to your spirit guides and trusting that you won’t need to strain and struggle, you’ll just need to work with purpose and gratitude.
Point Two
2. When you communicate in a spiritual language you will naturally draw the right people to you. Your message will reach those that need to hear it, and better still, it will resonate. You are attracting people to your group that want what you have to offer. These are the people that you are destined to serve! You don’t have to hard sell to this tribe because they already know that they need you.
Point Three
3. Encourage your group to share their spiritual testimonies and experiences. The best way to welcome sharing is to lead by example, sharing yourself too. Your group can become a safe space where everyone is on the same vibration, and vulnerability has a respected seat at the table. When spirituality is at the centre of a group, you cre- ate a tribe with a powerful bond. A strong community is a loyal community with you at the root of it. When a community is loyal to you they are ready to receive the value you have to offer, recognising that it requires investment from them as well as from you.
Point Four


4. With a group on the same spiritual wavelength, you are able to create value and of- fers that are relevant to them. You know what space they are in and how your spirit centred approach can best help with their struggles or challenges. The shared spirituality means that your group can trust in your methods. You’ve been there before and you’ve journeyed through the same storms, relying on spirituality to guide you through. They know this because you’ve already shared it (see point 3!).
There can be a real hesitancy with sharing spirituality. I understand this, because I used to keep it under wraps and assume that if people wanted business help, they only wanted to talk money and strategy…
It just doesn’t work that way for me. It’s dry and dull and removes the colour from the whole picture! Not to mention that business just doesn’t flow if you’re out of alignment and neglecting your spiritual self.

Don’t be afraid


To bring your whole heart to your Facebook Group. It’s a group for a reason, start to recognise that this is where your tribe are at. This is where people under- stand. Your group becomes an irresistible place to join when people discover just how nurturing and accepting it is, with you at the helm, leading it immersed in spirit.


In my group I teach on the essential connection between spirituality and making money. There’s a myth that the two are exclusive from one another and that being spiritually rich requires us to be physically poor. This is NOT the case!
We can have abundance in all areas – your spiritual wealth is the key to business suc- cess and income. This is why I run my challenges and it’s why they create such impact.
In-depth business strategies combined with spiritual connection teachings are a power- ful formula.
As a psychic myself it was downloaded to me to teach a new perspective on spirituality and money. If you’d love to learn more about it and connect with your spiritual tribe, I’d love for you to join us over in my ‘When She Rises’ Facebook Group!
We are hosting a number of free workshops guiding you to monetise further and how to open up further to spirit within our group!
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