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How to Marie Kondo Your Life: A Guide For Entrepreneurs

BY Amber Metoyer

Marie Kondo

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People are experiencing more interruptions and distractions than ever before. Ambitious women and entrepreneurs especially experience this phenomenon. In addition to these external attractions, we are so full of ideas and goals that we often get paralyzed and don’t know how or where to start. The solution? A minimalistic, “simplify to amplify” approach to every major part of life.

Marie Kondo's KonMari method of organization has inspired a cult following — and rightfully so: her bestselling books — The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Spark Joy — and her Netflix series have helped millions with the process of simplifying, de-cluttering and caring-for our most intimate environments.

BossBabes can benefit from asking Marie Kondo-ish questions in every area of life. Let’s explore how to Marie Kondo your life.

Pick Your Priorities

This is the most important area of life, so it should be addressed first. All other key areas will be shaped by what you decide are your priorities. Ultimately, they should be the filter you use when making decisions about opportunities that come your way. Write them down so they are concrete.

Ask yourself: Who are the most important people in my life? What are my nonnegotiable activities? What are my top three goals that I want to accomplish personally and in business?

Streamline Your Schedule

While your specific strategy may differ from others’ approaches, you should have a concrete, organized way to schedule and track your projects, activities, and tasks. Preserve your mental energy by “outsourcing” your schedule to Google Calendar, Excel, to-do lists, and color coding. Include only projects and tasks that support your priorities and activities that you enjoy. Record your personal and professional responsibilities so nothing gets missed. If it is not scheduled, it’s not important and it won’t get done.

Ask yourself: Does this activity or task challenge me to grow, move me toward my goals, bring me joy, or provide value to my life in some other way? If not, can it be eliminated?

Tody Up Your Projects

Determine which projects take priority by reviewing your personal and professional goals. Use a project management tool such as Jira or Asana to visually rank your projects by importance, set deadlines, and track progress. Block out uninterrupted time in your schedule to work on them. Remember Pareto’s Principle: focus on the vital few rather than the trivial many.

Ask yourself: Which projects on my list will substantially move the needle toward my goals? Which ones should I remove so I can focus on the important few?

Clear Your Environment

People often don’t realize how much their environment affects them mentally. A clear home and workspace are a sign of a clear headspace. When you get rid of what you don’t want or need, you make room for the items that really matter. Similarly, when you reduce clutter mentally by eliminating distractions and interruptions, you actually have more mental energy to focus on your priorities.

Ask yourself: Does this item (or email subscription or social media notification) add value to my life or bring me joy? What distractions or interruptions are cluttering my mental state?

Simplifying your life – and monitoring what you allow into it – is a tried and true way to experience success in the areas that matter to you. In essence, getting clear on your priorities and setting your intentions are how to Marie Kondo your life.


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