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Make Your First $1000 as a New Blogger With This Proven Strategy

BY Cia Wiggins

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Time and time again you've seen these posts about bloggers making “x” amount of money and their income reports. You probably think to yourself, “sure that's great for them, but how do I make money as a new blogger?” Well, you've definitely come to the right place for answers.

There are a ton of ways bloggers can make money, after all, blogging is a business. But I want to share with you two ways you can really get started on your road to riches. Of these two options I will focus mainly on one as the other requires more than just surface-level information.

How do I make money as a new blogger?

I am assuming you already have a blog set up, with a domain name and all that other jazz.

Have a Profitable Niche

It is important to have a profitable niche when you're blogging. Sure, any niche can be profitable but why re-invent the wheel? I'm not saying a “dancing ducks” niche can't be profitable, but what I am saying is if you're passionate about a profitable niche that already exists, start investing your time within that niche.

A few examples of profitable niches are:

  • Travel blogging
  • Frugal living
  • Stay at home moms
  • Lifestyle blogging
  • Fashion blogging
  • Beauty blogging
  • Techy gear

and so many more. Yes, these niches can be overly populated however we know two things about these niches.

  1. They are highly searched making it a profitable niche
  2. You can personalize your profitable niche

Personalizing your niche is key to building great rapport with your potential audience/ customers. Think about the billion and one reality TV shows shown on television. It's a highly saturated market but people watch different shows for different reasons even though they all have the exploitive underlying tone.

How will you personalize your niche?

Maybe you don't just write about all the amazing places you've traveled to but instead, you write about places you go to where you spend under 1000 bucks and how to make the best of that experience. Do you see the personalization in this?

If you feel like your niche isn't as profitable as you thought it would be, no worries. Just rebrand!

Choose Your Money Path

As aforementioned, there are various ways in which you can make money as a blogger. The two fastest ways that I've used are:

  • Making a low-level digital product
  • Affiliate marketing

I say these are the fastest simply because of your status as a blogger, especially if you're just starting out. You absolutely have to build trust within your blogging community and if you're brand new right out the gate saying, “I have a course that I'm selling for only $500 bucks!” people will tend to give you the side eye 😒.

Like “who are you, mam!??!”

Making a Digital Product

I said I wouldn't go too much into this because creating any kind of product whether it be low tiered or upper level requires much-needed planning and focus. However, if you have a bomb planner or guide that you know you can sell for under $50 bucks, most definitely market it and sell it. Just be sure that the product solves your reader's problems.

Ie: If you blog about food, you could always design a quick recipe guide or recipe cards that you can sell right within your blog post. But with this option, you definitely need to understand your audience's behavior, pricing, and marketing strategy as this will be a digital product you make on your own.

Choose an Affiliate Market

Okay, so you're probably insanely lost with what I am requesting you to do.

As an overview, an affiliate market is simply an organization like, Amazon Affiliates, that pays you a percentage of profit for the income that comes in on a sale. So essentially you find a market, or even retailer, you sign up, promote their product in your blog post, then bam!

Automatic income.

Now, of course, every retailer and affiliate market has its own percentage of commission they pay marketers but some income is better than none right? Do your research and see what affiliate market is best for you.

How will I know which market to join?

Here is where your strategy comes in. There are markets like Shopstyle, who's primary audiences are fashion bloggers, then you have Amazon who sells almost everything you can think of. Every market is different and because our goal is to reach your 1st 100 bucks quickly, you want to choose a retailer or affiliate marketer that aligns closely with your niche. I'll share why this is important a little later. You can always google different affiliate marketing companies that align with your niches or you can check out my blogging course that provides a master list of marketing companies within the course.

Choose Your Topic

Once you've established your marketing company it's time to choose a topic within your niche that is highly marketable. You can do this by conducting google searches or do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work. You can check out my free mini live training on how to find what's hot in your niche here in the group.  

Pick Your Product

Remember when I said it would be important for you to be in an affiliate market that aligns with your niche? Your product selection makes it super important.

It'll be a little off-putting if you're a fitness blogger advertising pet supplies. Sure you could connect the two products but you need to have a product that will speak and serve your audience directly. Instead of promoting dog treats maybe you're advertising a new fitness shake or yoga pants.

These are the products that align with your audience the most.

Blog on their pains

You have your profitable niche, a really juicy topic, and an amazing product to promote. Now what?

It's time to blog about your readers' pains and work the product into the post. Please don't become a blogger who habitually paste affiliate link codes randomly all over the place. It's just tacky and distasteful.

Try connecting with your reader on a personal level. Talk to them about a similar pain you both share.

Not sure what pains they have?

Do some market research! Go into social media groups and ask what pains your deal reader may have. Most groups on Facebook allow you to do research but check with the rules. You could always ask something like, “what do you struggle with the most when you meal prep.” Or “what makes you mad when it comes to makeup?”

These questions allow your idea reader to really think and bring answers from a place of authenticity because of the emotions they are tagging with the event.

Once you have their pains, create your blog post and add the product link to your post. Maybe you decide to tell a personal story in your post or give tips. Whatever it is, be genuine. Your readers will know if you're telling the truth. Trust me!

Market Your Post and Market Again

I can't tell you the number of times I see bloggers talking about a post they just made without re-advertising. It grinds my gears! You can't just advertise your blog post once and expect it to be seen by the whole world.

You have to have a marketing strategy.

The blog post you just created will be your money maker. So if you have to advertise this blog post in different groups on their share days or all over your social media channels, do it! This post you create needs the most exposure possible.

If you end up creating more blog post, that's great. Just make sure you interlink within that new post right back to your original blog post with the product you're promoting.

Utilize your email list

Some affiliate markets allow you to advertise their links in your email and some may not. Some email services may allow you to do this as well and some may not. Be sure to check the rules for both the affiliate marketing service and your email server.

You can share a short synopsis of your blog post within the email or have entirely new content that includes your affiliate market product link. Marketing is key when hitting your first $1000.

Don't Give Up on Your Goal

With strides to your goal, it may become inevitable to run into roadblocks.

Don't quit.

Success is bound to come as long as your strategy touches on:

  1. Solving a specific problem
  2. An authentic delivery to your potential customers

Once your first $1k the next will be right around the corner.


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