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5 Productive Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

BY Taharah Saad

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We already know combining confidence with the right mindset increases productivity and performance. Still, when we're crazy busy, self-love is often the first thing to become deprioritized.

One of the best ways to keep productivity going and chasing your goals is to love yourself, first and always. Learning how to love yourself is easier said than done sometimes, but with a few easy to follow tips you can easily achieve better productivity through a little self-love!

Since Valentine's Day is all about celebrations of love, what better time to show yourself some love than now? Forget the flowers and chocolates (although definitely a bonus!); let's commit this year to learning how to love ourselves FIRST and ALWAYS. Here are 5 productivity-boosting ways to love yourself this Valentine's Day…

1. Find time to get physical.

Daily exercise — even if it's just 10 minutes of movement — is a form of self-love that helps your productivity now and in the long-term. If you don't have your health, you won't get very far in anything you do. When you feel physically good, you're less likely to get burnt out and will most likely be in a better mood. Staying active can also help keep up your energy level, which in turn is directly related to increasing your productivity as well.

2. Prioritize good sleep habits.

If you're working on little sleep, you're more likely to make avoidable mistakes and not be as productive. There's actual science behind it: when you're tired your brain isn't functioning at it's best. When you feel like you aren't getting much done, stop and take a little nap. Sometimes a power nap is all you need, just to rest your eyes and your body for 15-30 minutes can help reinvigorate you and get you back on track.

3. Schedule “me time” regularly.

How often do you say “it's not on my calendar it's not happening”. Make sure that you schedule in “me time”, however that looks for you. What helps relax and recharge you the most? It doesn't have to be a massage or anything that requires an appointment. It can be something as simple as setting aside a half-hour or an hour a day to catch up on your favorite book or show.

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, be sure to schedule some time on your calendar and stick to it!  You owe it to yourself!  Show yourself some love by saving time for the things you love doing.

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4. Cut out negative influences.

This can be anything from friends and family constantly nagging you to self-sabotage.  Whenever you start to feel some negativity creeping around your life, do what is necessary (within reason) to get away from it. Negative thoughts and people will only slow you down.  You know what you're capable of, don't let anyone (including yourself) put any doubts in your mind or tell you otherwise. This Valentine's Day, don't let anyone make you feel less worthy. You are worthy and will achieve whatever you put your mind to, with the right mindset and hard work and a little self-love.

5. Unplug more often.

Social Media, emails, constantly being plugged in (literally and figuratively) can easily burn you out. Always being “in the know” and in everyone's business is exhausting! If someone really wants you to know something, they'll let you know. Unplug from everything once in a while and just focus on your goals and don't get distracted by the chatter. We get so caught up with filling the void in our lives with social media when we really should be filling the void with growing ourselves and working to achieve our goals.

This Valentine's Day (and every day), make sure you are your best self by staying healthy, getting lots of rest, schedule in some fun, and staying away from any and all negativity while unplugging when you need to. Learn how to love yourself daily to stay on track of all you are working to achieve.

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