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Launch Lessons: 7 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting + Scaling Our Business

BY Team BossBabe

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Learning how to launch a business takes time, trial and plenty of error. Lucky for you, we're coming in hot with tips to accelerate the process…

Starting anything new will come with a massive learning curve. But when you're an entrepreneur, your time is especially precious and you probably don't have much of it to spare.

Outsourcing knowledge from others is the best way to cut down on the time you spend in the trenches as you're learning how to launch a business.

BossBabe founders, Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty are sharing the top things they wish they knew before starting and scaling a business. These two serial entrepreneurs have worked hard, learned from the best, and landed on top thanks to these seven game-changing concepts…

1. Mastering your mindset is 80% of the game.

Most people think success comes from pushing yourself to your limits, but the truth is it’s only about 20% action. The remaining 80% is all about psychology. That means mastering your mindset is the key piece to focus on. LEARN MORE

2. Your superpower will set you apart + give you an advantage. 

The secret to getting ahead in business (and in life) is to know your unique strengths and weaknesses. Which special skills set you apart? What knowledge gives you a competitive advantage? What do you bring into a room that no one else can offer in the same way? That thing is your superpower. Identifying your business superpower is one of the most effective methods for making your competition irrelevant and finding an ‘unfair advantage’ in your niche. LEARN MORE

3. Narrow your niche — and then narrow it some more.

Finding and narrowing your niche market is important if you want to stand out from the competition, create a steady stream of revenue, and establish a loyal audience that will keep coming back. If you want to attract and activate your ideal audience, spend time reflecting on who in the world will benefit from what you know — and make sure you get really specific. LEARN MORE

4. Learn how to tell your brand story better than anyone else.

In business, storytelling is a way to bring a human touch to your work. When you're learning how to launch a business, this tool will help you share your values, your mission, and your vision in a way that people remember and respond to. Brand storytelling is about connecting to your audience and making sure they’re listening on a deep level — and then take action. LEARN MORE

5. Holistic goal setting sets you up for success.

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to make bulletproof plans. Getting crystal clear on your goals is the first and most important step to that process. Holistic goal setting takes into consideration both your business goals and your life goals. The truth is that if you are only taking care of business and neglecting your personal life, you aren’t able to show up as effectively as you might if you were feeling more balanced. LEARN MORE

6. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome is an active process.

Limiting beliefs and underlying fear can make us doubt our abilities, keeping us stuck and small. While it can be terrifying to face off with that fear, that process is key to growing your business. Avoidance can feel more comfortable than confrontation, but that’s not going to move the needle in your business. Dive in, do some digging and find that one thing that will help you overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from success. LEARN MORE

7. What you don't do matters more than what you do.

As you grow your business and take on more responsibility, your energy becomes your most sacred — and scarce — resource. That means it’s absolutely critical that you manage your time effectively. Creating a not-to-do list is an amazing tool for getting focused on what really matters and to stop wasting time on things that don’t push you forward. It identifies the things that don’t produce an ROI (return on investment) or a ROT (return on time). LEARN MORE

What are the most important lessons you've picked up as you've learned how to launch a business? Share in the comments!



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