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How To Hire Based On Personality Types

BY Team BossBabe


When you’re building a team of talented people it’s important to make sure those creatives all work well together for the mission of your brand. And the best way to figure that out is by honing in on their distinct personality traits.

Whether it’s learning about their zodiac signs, figuring out their enneagram number, or what their Myers-Briggs results are – there are plenty of ways to determine if the person you're looking to hire is the right fit for your team. 

Here, we listed the three best ways to determine your potential candidate's personality traits,  work ethics, and end goals.


Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are one of the best ways to learn all you need to know about a person – especially a potential team member.

For instance, Virgos are known for being meticulous with their work while Sagittarius are known for having adventurous ideas that can totally turn your business around.

Hiring based on zodiac signs matched with job descriptions will be so beneficial to your business in more ways than one.

We teamed up with the AstroTwins of AstroStyle and they dished on the best signs to hire for your team. Click here, to listen to the podcast now.


Enneagram Test

This detailed personality test will give you one of the most accurate descriptions of the person you are about to hire. After the candidate takes the test you’ll learn about the deepest desires, fears, and what motivates their actions. Your potential candidate will fall within nine personality groups and this will help determine whether they are a good fit for your team or not. 



There are four categories for your potential candidate will fall into; introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. After taking this test you will be able to understand your candidate's personality type, strengths, and weaknesses. 


Incorporating simple tests like these during the interview process can almost assure you that you’ll pick the right person who meshes well with your current team members.  And make sure to tune in to our podcast to learn all there is to know about zodiac signs and how to hire based on them. 


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