A lot of women think they have to choose between having a successful business or being a mum. Whether it is an inspired thought that comes to set up a business after children come into the mix or a spark of inspiration that comes before children come along, we can all have a thriving family and be a high performing badass regardless of what you think and what others may say to you.

As a high achiever who seriously believed this only a few years ago, I completely understand!

My career has been so demanding of me and before going into business full time I worked as a sales manager and trainer. On one occasion, before I even had children I remember a conversation with a former boss who told me that if I took a holiday it would mean I wasn’t fully committed to my work and so I cancelled my holiday two weeks before I was due to go! I still look back now and shake my head at myself as I look back at how crazy it is to believe that we have to work like a dog to be successful! I believe it is this type of mentality that keeps us from really thriving and truly stepping into the womanly version of ourselves that CAN show up as a mum, as a family maker and as a strong high achieving bossbabe.

I always told myself that I would have my children after I turned 30, and by then I would be a millionaire. I kid you not! Just for the record I still have a year to go…

This was the story I told myself since I can remember. Even as a girl who never considered having children and getting married I found myself married with two children in my mid-twenties – with a VERY successful career in tow!

Side note, well kind of. It was all planned. No accidents and no mistakes. A lot of people ask me how I made it all happen. As a millennial mum, I’m not going to lie, it has not always been easy. And so often I have felt like such a young mum and felt as though people have laughed at me and my ambitions whilst I have grown my babies and my business at the same time. At one time I actually stopped telling people my big bold dreams because I decided it was best to just stay focussed internally and keep the inner knowing that my dreams are possible regardless of what others may say.

You can have it all and there is no need to compromise on anything! There are certainly some mindset shift that I had to experience, and I grew through these as I stumbled across Neuro-Linguist Programming. This was what really set my soul on fire, and propelled me into the success I have now created, whilst having it all!

I used these actionable tips I am going to share with you to truly support myself to believe it is possible to have it all.

I am able to be a mum to my two beautiful daughters and I studied to the highest possible level in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) as a trainer, a coach trainer, a hypnosis trainer and I am regularly featured in BBC, Cosmopolitan, Women’s health, Women and Home as an expert in mindset, mental health and stepping in to your potential to be the best possible version of you.

Here are my quick actionable tips to make it possible for you to have it all.

  1. Get Intentional on what it ‘it all’ actually is.

What do you actually want to achieve, what does having it all mean for you? You need to be really clear on what it is you want before you can go for it. Do you want to be the top of your field, or do you want to have a certain level of income every month? Be as specific as possible as this will help you begin to create it.

  1. Get intentional on how you want to feel.

How do you want to actually feel every day, how do you want to show up every day? Think about what it is you want to feel once you have achieved whatever ‘it’ is, and focus on that. Think beyond wanting to feel successful or happy, and dig deep into how having it all will truly make you feel.

  1. Journal as if you have already achieved those things.

For me this is a massive, massive part of my life that has allowed me to step in my potential, and something I truly believe in. Journaling as if you have achieved ‘it all’ and feeling the way you want to feel helps you close that gap between where you are now and where you want to be faster.

The biggest reason why getting intentional and journaling helps is because we all have a big cluster of neural-pathways in the front of our mind, imagine it like a big door. This door opens when we get intentional and start imagining ourselves as we have achieved our goals. The opening of this door allows us to notice opportunities we may not have previously seen, and therefore take advantage of them to have it all far faster.

Bonus tip – Visualise your success!

On top of journaling as if you have already achieved ‘it’, you need to visualise that you have achieved them as well. In your mind’s eye imagine you have it all, have everything you want and have it now. This helps you step in further to having what you want now and see opportunities to action that can help you close that gap. When you visualise and journal success as if you have already achieved it you collapse the timeline and attract your deepest intentions much faster!


Rebecca is an #1 best selling Author, NLP Coach & Trainer, a mum to 2 girls and she teaches female entrepreneurs the art and science of NLP. You can get a free copy of Rebecca’s book The Females Handbook: Step into your Personal Potential by going to www.RebeccaLockwood.org.uk.

Twitter: @RebeccaLCoach

Instagram: @rebecca.lockwood

Facebook: Rebecca Lockwood

Website: www.RebeccaLockwood.org.uk


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