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How to Grow Your Brand, Even Through a Pandemic

BY Team BossBabe

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Let's face it: 2020 has been a hard year. For many of us, it's been filled with loss, uncertainty, stress, fear, and anxiety. It's a time when a lot of people have lost jobs, lost profits, lost motivation, or lost the ability to work entirely.

AND it's also been a year of resilience. Of listening. Of learning. Of compassion. OF GROWTH.

And while it may seem like personal growth is the only way to evolve this year, it's not. In fact, there are a million ways to grow professionally at the moment and move the needle within your brand. It simply takes creativity, awareness, and resilience. Let us explain…

Focus on giving back to the community

Since the start of the BossBabe empire, we've recognized the importance of community and giving back. This is exactly why we believe in sharing our best strategies and tips through free resources like webinars, pdfs, ebooks, quizzes, and more! Sure, we could be charging for every resource we provide, but that wouldn't be supportive… and we truly want our community to thrive during these times, without having to spend a dime.

So whilst it might feel contradictory to provide free resources, it's not. In fact, above building a beautiful web of support, an active community can directly impact your revenue growth in the long-term. Don't believe us? Listen to this.

Make it a goal to create ONE free resource for your community during this time. And ONE separate way to connect with more of your community (responding to DMs, building a private Facebook Group, hosting a virtual event, and so on).

Take care of your community and they will become raving fans!

Invest your time in growth

If your business has been hit financially, it's OK to invest less money in resources. We get it and we definitely don't suggest spending anything if you're uncomfortable or feel maxed out. What we do suggest is investing your time.

Whilst you may have paid someone to learn about a specific hack or growth strategy in the past, it's now your turn to step up and do the learning yourself. A great place to start? Natalie's YouTube channel, which hosts TONS of free videos on monetization, Instagram growth, business strategies, and more. There are tons of learning to be done over there, so if you're looking for some mentorship – that's gonna be your new favorite corner of the internet.

Connect with others

Networking sounds very outdated, but we like to think of it more as connecting with likeminded people. Whilst we might not have the chance to meet up face-to-face with people or to attend industry events, there's an entire world of people behind screens seeking connection. These people are looking for business partners, accountability buddies, and biz besties – so put yourself out there and connect.

Instead of grabbing coffee with someone in person, do it over zoom. Send a DM to someone you may not typically get to connect with; they likely have a bit more time on their hands now. Join (or start!) a Facebook group and spend time engaging. Become a member of The Société – the place where female entrepreneurs connect, build, and grow.

Cater your marketing to reality

Depending on your business, you'll likely want to tweak your marketing focus and language right now. What do people really need from your brand? If you could only sell or market one thing, one thing that's needed in our world right now, what would that be? Would honing in on that one thing make more sense right now? Would it cut down costs on your end, while increasing revenue in other areas of your business?

Ask yourself those questions and then take action to make changes. Be flexible and keep your marketing real and relevant. It'll always pay off!

Create internal guides

A downturn in business or the economy is a great time to level up internally. Instead of laying around feeling sorry for yourself, take full advantage of this time. Consider creating internal guides that can either teach future members of your team how to do things within the business (so that you don't have to later). We have our BossBabe Playbook that is the place of truth in our business. It's packed with every process, system, tactic, and more. We document everything, so we can rinse and repeat every process seamlessly and with grace.

To hear more about what to include on your own Playbook and learn exactly how to implement this in your business, have a listen to this episode of the BossBabe Podcast.

One other smart idea is to create a loom video for every single task within the business – big or small. Once you have these templates and guides, you'll be able to hand off even the smallest of tasks. And as you hand off the little things, you have more time for the BIG things – like bringing on more clients, creating a new service, increasing revenue, filling your launch calendar, and more. Once you're out of the weeds of your business, the SKY IS THE LIMIT!

What's one area of growth you can focus on this week? Let's hear it in the comments below.


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