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How To Go From Zero To Hero With Your Invoices 

BY Laura Bartlett

Here at Bossbabe we’re all about those tips and tricks that will help to elevate your business. From helping you scale with ease to giving you insight on how we do business that will ultimately help you level up. One thing we always do is make sure that we don’t skip the small stuff, attention is always paid to the detail, and we want our clients to remember us. That starts right from the second that we secure their business and the way that we send our invoices.

We’re all about standing out to our clients, so when we stumbled across Invoice Home, a wonderfully simple and extremely affordable service to small businesses and freelancers in the way of invoice software and artistic templates, all online, we could not wait to share it with all of you BossBabes. Thank us later…

So you might not be a wiz kid when it comes to design and that’s totally fine because you can take advantage of their free invoice templates, helping you look like you have your own in house design team and making you stand out from the crowd. Having an invoice that looks so good they’ll want to pay it right away is easy with their host of different designs. Their invoice generator has 100 + designs so you won’t wind up looking like every one else and with their step by step guide on how to create invoices you’ll be able to have it landing in your clients inbox in a few easy clicks. 

Plus, if you’re anything like us and you’re all about that smartphone lifestyle then you’ll be pleased to know that you can also download the invoice generator app in the Apple App store or Google Play store to create your invoices on the go. Now that’s a bit of tech we want to shout about! Now that’s a bit of tech we want to shout about! 

With security always at the forefront of our minds, we love that with Invoice Home your account has access to unlimited could storage by their encrypted servers so it saves all of your data, which is way safer than keeping everything on your laptop which could easily be lost or stolen. Payments are super easy to collect too as they have partnered with our faves, Paypal and Stripe, so you will have super reliable payment gateways to show your clients that you’re all about that professional life. 


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