How To Find Your Purpose With This 4-Step Exercise

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While finding your passion can be an innate capability for some, for others, it can be a challenging experience that requires you to come face-to-face with yourself. 

In our recent bossbabe business school podcast episode, Danielle shares our simple 4-step exercise that is designed to generate the momentum needed towards finding your passion.

Here, we detailed the necessary questions you need to get you on the right entrepreneurial path. So, take a quick break, grab your pen and paper and get ready to find the answers you need to take the first step towards your passion.

What Do I Love?

This question essentially shapes our lives and everyday habits. Why? Because no matter the task, every person on the planet will find a way to incorporate something that they love to make their day a little better. Whether it’s playing your favorite songs to clean up a messy house  (maybe your curated playlist could lead you to a dj gig at a party) or booking a much-needed vacation after a stressful month of work (maybe you’d be an amazing travel agent). Whatever it may be, it’s something you love and that small tidbit of information has the power to direct you towards your passion.

What Am I Good At?

You have a talent that innately comes to you, you were born with it and no one in the world does it quite like you. Truly think about it – there are a million singers in the world but how many of them sound like you? There are a million graphic designers in the world but how many have your creative ability? What you’re good at is what makes you uniquely stand out. And, if you have trouble finding your niche, take a look back at old text messages or revisit old conversations and compliments that you’re friends have effortlessly given you. These are great indicators of what you naturally have to offer.


What Does The World Need?

There’s always going to be an imbalance between what the world needs and what the world has. It’s up to you to find out what talent you have to fill the void of what the world is lacking. 

Asking yourself simple questions such as:

  1. What do I often hear people say they need more of or wish they had?
  2. What skill/quality do I have that people will pay to utilize?
  3. What hasn’t been done before that people will be surprised to learn and want to take advantage of?

The answers to these questions are going to set you on a path that will lead you to capitalize on your niche. This will determine whether you have a viable business or simply an expensive hobby.

What Can I Be Paid For?

This is a trick question – because essentially you can be paid for every single thing in the world. You simply just need to know how to market yourself. However, there is only so much marketing will do if you don’t actually have a quality product/service that people want to pay for.

Focusing on the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of being paid for your talent is a good starting point to determine if people will spend money on what you have to offer.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who would be my target audience?
  2. What service/product am I offering?
  3. When would they be interested in my product/service? (evergreen or seasonal)
  4. Where would my product/service be sold?
  5. Why would people pay for this?
  6. How much should I charge based on my target audience’s income?

When you’re getting ready to launch your niched skill you have to get as granular as possible to make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned when you’re prepping to put a price on your product/service. Why? Because this number will either deter or attract your ideal customer.

Once you’ve answered the above four questions, try to find commonality within all the answers you’ve written down – because THAT is where your purpose lies. This is the merging between the things you love and the things you’re good at. Check out more on this topic in this must-listen podcast.


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