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How To Effectively Plan Your Social Media Content Every Month

BY Team BossBabe


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If you’re posting daily content to your social media account on a whim and pretty much seeing what works – then keep reading, because this article is 100% for you.

The key to being successful on social media is strategy – and that actually holds true for every facet of your life. Social media can be a super tricky landscape to navigate, but with the right tools and organization skills, you’ll be bound to make it work for you and your brand. Here are the top three best ways to effectively plan your social content each month.

Get A Content Calendar

Yes, you’ve probably heard this before, but you absolutely need a content calendar. Having an organized idea of what you plan to post for the month is a surefire way to keep you on track and ahead of the game in case you need to switch things up at the last minute. Using a content calendar allows you to batch your content, think of specific themes and collab with other people and brands to gain more exposure for your company. Not to mention it also takes the anxiety away from randomly posting each and every day and crossing your fingers for likes, comments and views.

If you don’t have a calendar yet, try this one.


Batch Create Your Content

Pick one day out of the week and spend that whole entire day creating content. This means you’re changing up your outfits, your props, your locations, etc. The idea of creating content on a daily basis is not realistic and only shows that you can work hard but not work smart. Take the stress off of yourself and dedicate one day to creating as much content as you need. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did so in the long run, plus this is a habit you definitely want to create now because once your entrepreneurial schedule starts to pile up – creating content should be the least of your worries.

Learn To Pivot

With social media comes trends, and while we love or loathe them – it’s always best to stay on top of them. Why? Because it’s highly possible that jumping on a quick trend can land you with some viral content. Once you’ve created a calendar and batched your content this gives you room to pivot when necessary. Which is absolutely amazing because when you pivot, the content you originally planned for the day (or week) can be used at a later time. Pivoting is effective and it also shows that you are in tune with what your audience is seeking on social media, this can be based on trends, analytics, or just a simple inclination of the content that aligns best with your brand.

Planning your social media ahead of time may seem like a lot of work at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll realize how much of a timesaver and relief it is to have one of your most anxiety-ridden tasks already mapped out. Use this calendar to get started if you haven't already. 


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