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How to Deal With Mental Health Issues at Work

BY Cia Wiggins

How to Deal With Mental Health Issues at Work

For some people work is an escape from reality. 

We have a few meetings we draft a few emails we meet with clients and whatever was bothering us is not at the forefront of our minds.

But what happens when this distraction the cause of our mental health issues at work?

If you’re like most people you are stuck at a desk or space forced to collaborate with others and met deadlines which can become too much to handle at times. 

Here are a few ways you can beat the working blues.

How to Deal With Mental Health Issues at Work

Utilize your IOP/EAP

Though not all work spaces have an industrial organizational psychologist or Employee Assistance programs for the team, if you do have one don’t take them for granted. Businesses are realizing that some of the work and energy that’s required to keep a business afloat can be mentally daunting. For this reason they have put in services such as psychologist and on the phone human resource assistants to help deflate some of the issues that may arise on the job. Some programs may even allow your family members to join the session or make a phone call to the employee assistant line. 

It may seem a bit awkward to speak to someone that works for your agency but trust that they are abiding by all confidentiality rules so that your well-being is number one priority.

Avoid negative coping mechanisms

Sometimes we don’t realize that our behaviors are negative until their consequences arises. For example if you have a hard day at work you might want to drink a bit of alcohol or smoke. Though this might seem fine at the beginning these can later turn into negative coping mechanisms that then transform into bad habits. Create good coping habits from the start. So instead of grabbing a few shots because your boss has giving you loads of assignments to do with little time, substitute those shots with healthy eating options it’ll work out in the long run.

Find a work best friend

Before you totally write this one off the list hear me out. Work best friends serve as someone that you trust these people become your support system within your working environment. As humans we all desire social interactions and without social interactions we can almost be certain that we won’t survive. No, you don’t have to spell out your all of your hearts desires to your work best friend but it’s someone that you can eat lunch with or rehash out the details of the last meeting. Feeling alone and isolated at work can attribute to unstable mental health conditions especially if you have a job that requires a lot of attention and energy.

Take space at work

A brisk walk on your lunch break or even a light jog given the nature of your work can release stress. If you work in environment that constantly requires you to be around a lot of people sometimes taking space away for yourself can provide you the mental clarity you need. We underestimate how much time and energy we give to others so be sure to reserve some of the energy for yourself in order to reset and re-charge.

These are just a few things that you can do while you were at work. If you feel that you have many other mental health issues that can’t be resolved momentarily I do suggest reaching out for help. Many people utilize external counselors on platforms like betterhelp.com to relieve some of the work stress. I’ve had clients use their lunch breaks to really unwind and talk about pressing issues using that platform. Never deprive yourself of mental clarity.

What are some ways that you relieve your own mental health issues at work leave a comment bel


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