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How To Create Social Media Content When You’re Out Of Ideas

BY Natalie Ellis

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If you’ve hung out with me for any amount of time, you know social media is one of my favorite things. Seriously, I totally geek out over creating designs, learning about the algorithm and figuring out how to make more posts go viral.

When I was first getting started on Instagram, though, there were definitely times where I’d be at a total loss of what to post. You know the feeling. 

You have your grid pulled up, but you have no idea what graphic or picture should come next and the idea of writing a caption makes your brain feel numb.

When that would happen to me, I always used to blame it on brain fog or just not feeling creative that day. Then I realized it was way simpler than that. I was just overthinking it.

Here’s what I mean: there are literally just three types of Instagram content you should be posting. Yes – just three. When you figure out how to post those three types of content, it becomes truly SO much easier to post on Instagram without running out of ideas.

I know what you’re thinking, “How are there just three types of posts? Surely that’s oversimplifying things.” I promise you – three is the magic number.

These are the exact same types of content we use at BossBabe every single day to make our content go viral and (get this) continue to grow to 3 million followers and beyond.

When we finally hit that number, I needed someone to pinch me because I was SO excited. Honestly – I still am.

So in honor of reaching 3 million followers, here are my behind-the-scenes insights into the three types of social media content to create when you’re just…not feeling it.

Three Types Of Meaningful Social Media Content

In my opinion, there are three types of social media content that are worth your time. I actually created an Instagram Reel with this exact content if you want to check it out, too. 

And guys – can we take a second? Let me just interrupt this blog for one moment to stand on my soapbox and say – you have to be creating Instagram Reels if you aren’t already. They are the future of Instagram.

Okay – TED Talk over. *ahem*

Let’s dive into the three types of content you need to be creating on Instagram.

  1. Content To Grow Your Audience

This type of content is how you convince your audience to know, like and trust you. This content looks like sharing personal stories and offering valuable content your audience just can’t resist.

When you do this type of content well, your audience is going to tell more people about your brand and your followers are going to grow.

  1. Content To Build Your Brand

You build your brand as more people become aware of who you are. You can accomplish that by creating viral posts and participating in giveaways.

One thing to be careful of when you’re creating this type of content is you want to make sure you’re attracting the right people to your account – otherwise, you’re going to get a huge influx of followers just to lose them all overnight once your giveaway is over. Don’t create viral content for the sake of viral content, but be sure to create content that pertains to your target audience so they stick around. 

  1. Content To Sell To Your Audience

Finally, you want to create content that actually sells your product. You don’t have to do this through some hard sales push, you can just share content that demonstrates how great your product or service is for your customers.

To do this, focus on sharing incredible customer results and testimonials that will attract other potential customers who want to experience that type of success, too.

Stop Wasting Time On Instagram

When people say they need to stop wasting time on Instagram, most of the time, they’re talking about how they need to stop endlessly scrolling through post after post. (I think we could all use that advice, don’t you)?

Honestly, though, I see people waste way more time trying to figure out what to post on Instagram without any luck.

I’m sure you know the feeling because when I was first starting out on Instagram, I did the exact same thing. I spent literal hours working on my grid aesthetic or clicking around Canva trying to make the design look right. If you’re a graphic designer, that’s probably your favorite thing to do, but for the rest of us, it can become a massive waste of time – especially when you end up taking 13 hours on designing a post someone is going to scroll past in 13 milliseconds.

That’s why I created Insta Influence Kit. It’s 100+ easy social media templates to help you elevate your message and grow a high-impact presence without hiring an expensive designer or spending hours in Canva every month. Plus – it’s only $37. Just click here to get access and stop wasting time on Instagram – for good.


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