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How To Build Your Badass Coaching Business Of Your Dreams By Quitting

BY Rebecca Fleetwood Hession


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First of all, how often do we see quitting as the key to finding our purpose?  When I sat down to interview Lindsay Boccardo, Speaker and Coach to High Performing Millennials, it was clear that she is actively practicing life, not just living it. She’s trying things, quitting things, and trying more things. There’s a noticeable difference in the way Lindsay moves through life and the level of success she’s achieved rounding out her second decade. Finding her purpose has been an active pursuit.

Currently, Lindsay is working with organizations all over the country. She helps her clients  maximize their millennial talent. Those that buy into the traditional lie that you pick a major by 17, get good grades, then land your dream career will look for the loophole in Lindsay’s story.  Lindsay didn’t just attend college, she used the experience to learn what she did and didn’t want to do, She discovered what she was good at by changing majors several times; practicing, quitting, and starting again.   She learned this idea of “practicing” early in life by trying every sport, musical instrument, club and hobby she could get her parents to sign her up for, including rugby and rowing.

In a bold move, after trying out majors in television, radio and psychology, she left college to travel the world and play drums with a rock band.

Lindsay Boccardo

Among all the instruments she tried, she knew drums was her thing because ..wait for it …….  she loved to practice.

Later, after trying a few more things post rock n roll tour including a stint in ministry, Lindsay discovered coaching.  Coaching allowed her to use all she had learned while practicing life to speak into and on behalf of her peers. Lindsay was the youngest person in her coaching certification course and while intimidated at first, it quickly became an advantage with her target market.  All of the practicing brought her to the place she can wholeheartedly bring her gifts to the world.  And she’s killing it.

Lindsay's 5 Things

to Find Your Rhythm & Your Purpose

  1. Get Good at Quitting – You only have one life to find what you love to practice. Spending precious time muscling through to get good at something you don’t enjoy robs you of the joy of practicing what you love, allowing you to become great.
  2. You Can't Google It – Blessed are those that know “their thing” as a youth prodigy. Most of us are searching.  You can’t type into google, “what is my meaning and purpose”.  You find it by trying things, feeling what it’s like to practice.
  3. Wiggling is a Badass Strategy – You rarely nail anything at 100% in your first attempts, that’s okay. Keep moving a little more towards what you want and what feels right. Release what’s not working… keep wiggling.
  4. Get to Know YOU – Practice self-awareness daily, actively, intentionally. Get to know you, better than you know anything else.  Self awareness will lead you in the right direction. Use self assessments, find a therapist, actively practice getting to know YOU. 
  5. Partnerships Matter – No one succeeds alone, not even the solopreneur. Own who you are and look for partnerships and relationships that honor you and stretch you.

Start, try, practice, wiggle, feel, quit, repeat.

Build up enough experiences that moving through life feels completely and uniquely you. Honoring your unique talents and gifts is the key to finding your purpose.

It’s now easy to see how television, radio and psychology make Lindsay the best coach and speaker.  How often do we allow quitting to be the key to finding more of purpose?

You don’t have to travel the world in a rock band to be a badass coach, but you do have to practice to find your unique rhythm in life.

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