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How To Become An Authority Within Your Industry

BY Michelle Slote

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You have to position yourself as the go-to in your industry, no one will do this for you. The question is, how do you do this?

You are in luck because we are going to break down the exact steps you need to take in order to become the go-to within your industry.

Step 1 – Embody

This is the most important part of becoming the go-to within your industry. You must remember, people buy into the business owner's story and energy before they buy the product or service. How do you create irresistible energy for your customers or clients? Learn how to strategically step into your power so that your ideal client is attracted to you. This is how you become an authentic female entrepreneur, and this is how you can avoid that sleazy sales feeling.

You truly can ethically attract your ideal clients and customers all through your energy. How do you step into your power and attract your ideal customers and clients? Answer the following questions; and be sure to write it out and keep it in a place where you can see it every day. Think about the 2.0 version of yourself. What does she say? How does she talk about money? How does she view her customers/clients? What does she wear? How does she speak? What are her qualities? Become this woman. Embody her every day. This is how your role models became who they are today.

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Step 2 – Resonate

When someone becomes the go-to within their industry, they have mastered the art of resonating with their niche. Speak to one person in your social media captions, live videos, email marketing, and opt-in materials. Your ideal client or customer must feel as though you are talking to only to them and addressing only their problems. Better yet, use their exact words. The best ways to gather phrases that your ideal client or customer uses is to simply remain aware of it. When you hop on a call with a potential client, what language does she use to describe her problems? When you're scrolling social media, pay attention to the phrases that ideal customers use in Facebook groups. Keep track of this language and those phrases in a word document. You can then use this language on your sales pages, social media, and any form of marketing you use. This is one of the many ways you will be able to land the sale and more importantly, help your ideal clients and customers. If you're ready for the ULTIMATE course in increasing revenue within your business using niche, check out the go-to course on niche.

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Step 3 – Clarify

You must know exactly what it is that you sell. It sounds simple, but a lot of entrepreneurs have trouble briefly explaining what they sell while conveying why their customer should even buy it. Sales and marketing is simple; you need to be able to help people. You must be able to convey why your product or service is important. The only way to do this is to clarify what your product or service actually is. To do this, fill in the blanks for the following statement.

I am a _______(your tagline)_______ who helps _______(your ideal client/customer)________ – _______ (reach this goal)_______ so they can ______(live their dream)______.

Write your statement out. Experiment with the words that resonate with you. Tweak it as time goes on. This is the powerful statement of service that you must align with every day.

Here are some examples.

I am a business visionary who helps female entrepreneurs turn their life calling into cash so they can run a purpose-driven business.

I am a social media manager who helps start-up business owners focus on their zone of genius so they can run their business with ease.

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If you're struggling to stand out in the sea of "competition" within your industry, there's something you should know. Here's what every female entrepreneur should know about becoming an authority within her industry.

How will you become the go-to woman in your industry?

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