young entrepreneur

young entrepreneur

You’ve aspired to be the next hot young entrepreneur featured on Forbes 30 under 30 but you don’t believe you have the ‘cahoonas’ to make it happen. Or, perhaps you just want to be recognized as an entrepreneur but your age seems to be gawked at in every serious business related conversation.

How can you really be taken seriously as a young entrepreneur in this generation, where success seems to only hit after 20 years of failure?

If you’re a young entrepreneur, chances are you’ve probably experienced this roadblock whilst you kickstarted your career. If you feel like you’ve fallen into this subdivision of young entrepreneurs, no worries! These next set of strategies will help others realize your sincerity within your entrepreneurship.

Ditch the Nay-Sayers

Every serious entrepreneur has a circle of people who both believe and back their plans in business. They refer to these people as their inner circle. Studies have shown that people are more likely to absorb other’s energy. If the people within your inner circle are are less than supportive, where will you find your confidence? Are you absorbing their negativity?

Get rid of the people around you who suck the living life and positivity out of you. Instead, find a group of individuals who are like minded and can encourage you within your business. Facebook groups are an awesome resource when you are in search of other serious young entrepreneurs. One of my favorite go to groups to network within is the Feminine Affluent Entrepreneur. I’ve built a great inner circle from this group as the members align with my business focus. Build your network and watch your success improve.

Understand Your Brand and Your Audience

When I started my first product based business years ago,I was so sure I would be a success. I had all of my supplies together, I knew I wanted to advertise on Instagram and I figured my product would be great for everyone.

Thanksgiving day came, and I decided to poach some of my family members as new customers. Little did I know that my family dinner would become an open forum for everyone’s pressing questions about my business. Long story short, I choked! They began to ask questions I had no idea how to answer. These questions including my five-year projections and analyses of my product’s effectiveness.

Don’t be stuck with a mouth full of turkey and lack of answers like I did. Know your brand in and out. There will most likely be someone waiting for you to stumble as a young entrepreneur. If this is your business and you really want to be viewed as omniscient, understand who and what your business is about. Don’t be afraid to write out key points that you’ll review each day that highlight your brand and who you cater to in order to become more familiar.

You Can’t Cater to Everyone

This will be the hardest truth you’ll ever have to swallow. Sure your business can be great for everyone, but only a select few will be your ideal consumer. It only takes a few rejections before you begin to doubt yourself as an entrepreneur once you start serving the wrong population. Lucrative entrepreneurs know their business inside and out, so do your research and let your knowledge show.

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Put Yourself Out There as A Young Entrepreneur

Feeling a little shy as a new and young business owner is totally okay. What is not okay, is neglecting opportunities for spotlighting your business. You can’t be taken seriously behind the red curtains. Despite your age, open up the curtains of opportunities for yourself and jump on the next forum for successful entrepreneurs. Go pitch your business or idea to your dream company and allow your confidence to outshine every other business in the room.

When others see your exertion into the business realm they’ll have no other choice but to view your business as legitimate. Your intent will show that you have a strategy for your business and that you are coming to the table to win.

Have you ever felt as if no one takes your business seriously? Tell us in the comments below.