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How to Avoid Burnout and Still Be Efficient

BY Laura Charelle


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Burnout is the pits. I once heard Ariana Grande say, “my job is taking care of myself. Singing is just what I do” #truthbomb

How can you actually avoid burnout and still be efficient? Below we’re diving into three ways you can use food, fitness, and your monthly cycle to stop stress in its tracks. Seriously, you’re going to become one zen BossBabe!

1. Know Your Cycle Energy Dips

Far too many of us try to be men at our jobs. The reality is you're a woman and your body is designed differently. We were designed to reproduce. The more you can embrace your monthly cycle, the more productive and efficient you’ll be at work.

Every woman should know her cycle phases, as outlined here.

The phase to really pay attention to for work, is the later part of your luteal phase. This is the week before your period.

Your luteal phase matters for three reasons:

  1. Your body is less resilient to stress. Which means the more stress you schedule here with meetings, tight deadlines, travel, endless parties and networking events, on top of doing all your daily activities, the more burnout you’ll experience.
  2. You’re meant to consciously become aware of what is no longer serving you and let it go. Take action here to let go of people, bad habits, and other stressors in your life. You’ll feel like you just did a deep cleanse by the time your period rolls around and a new month kicks off.
  3. It’s a great time to schedule large chunks of time to work independently. Your brain is hyper focused on your to-do list and wants to tie up loose ends. Take time here to dive into your projects and your brain will stop stressing about them!

Knowing this natural dip in your cycle, how can you match your work activities accordingly?

2. Balance Intense Exercise

Be honest, how intense are your workouts? Balancing your cardio workouts with lighter exercises like walking and yoga, can make you will feel more balanced all month long.

Personally, I use to do intense cardio every day. What I didn’t realize is as we reach our later twenties, thirties, and beyond, it takes longer for our bodies to recover. Balance here is key.

If you’re doing HIIT workouts every day or long, intense cardio sessions, you’re actually causing more stress hormones to pump out of your adrenal glands. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and yes, weight gain around your midsection.

Moving our bodies relaxes us. Just remember too much intense cardio will lead to mental and physical burnout without balancing it with calming exercises.

3. Eat to Fight Off Stress

You can eat certain foods that actually bind to your stress hormones and flush them out of your body!

Eating foods high in vitamin C like oranges, red peppers, strawberries, lemon, and broccoli will help you avoid burnout. Pack them as snacks, add them to your breakfast and other meals, and watch your body say, “burnout who?”

This is also an opportunity to look into your caffeine consumption. 

Caffeine is a diuretic so it flushes out B vitamins which you need for energy, as well as magnesium, which you need to feel calm and emotionally balanced.

A great thing to try is sip on warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before reaching for coffee. You’ll get a natural energy kick from the lemon, while flushing out stress hormones.

When you know your body’s natural rhythm and how to eat/drink to fight off stress, you can avoid burnout and become the efficient master of your business. Your competitors won’t know how you do it!


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