Sydnee Goodman

Women break out in their industries every single day but have you ever wondered what this looks like and how they have accomplished this? Well, Sydnee Goodman has the answer.

Sydnee’s name is searched almost 20,000 times a month on Google and her daily vlogs, that cover everything digital entertainment can gather over 150,000 content-hungry eyes per day. This is an industry, mind you, with over 2.5 billion participants, and only 18.5% of them female. So who is Sydnee Goodman and how did she become the face of the male-saturated industry of online gaming?

I spent an hour with Sydnee to answer these questions and understand how her moxie helped her forge her own path in the male-dominated gaming world.

How Does A Female Become A Big Time Gamer?

As a young girl Sydnee was introduced to a world of moving pixels and her life long journey with games began.

“My dad is a huge nerd, “ she said, “He loves video games but he was really into Halo: Combat Evolved. As a kid, he used to let me watch him play when I wasn’t afraid of watching. We spent a lot of time at home as my mom was sick so I just ended up playing more games with my Dad and my brother.

That’s where it all began.”

Throughout high school, Sydnee’s love for gaming grew, but the wishes of her parents did, too, in an entirely different direction. Nearing the end of her undergrad and heading into her career-defining moments in college Sydnee, was pressured to choose a more traditional, stable career so she opted to take a test that would make her eligible for admission to dental school to appease her parents. Believing that she would fail the test miserably Sydnee’s hours of study for the test proved her wrong.

She scored well above the admission requirement for Dentistry school but didn’t want to go.

“I remember the fear of telling my parents I didn’t want to go and I couldn’t be what they wanted me to be and burst into tears. I remember thinking this is my life and even if they’re disappointed, they’ll definitely still love me and they definitely wouldn’t be the ones to  have to live through the shitty existence of doing something you don’t want to actually do for the rest of your life, said Sydnee”

Even at a young age, Syndee had the intuition to know that what she truly wanted comes from regular practice and discipline. It was that first decision to pursue a career that she loved that paved the way for her success. Here are some of her daily habits…

Sydnee’s Daily Routine For Success

  • Develop a meditation practice – Sydnee uses the app Calm every morning for 10 minutes
  • Find and discuss your thoughts with a therapist – Sydnee recommends that anyone and everyone should at least try therapy and that they need to share their thoughts with someone who can listen and direct them appropriately
  • Create an exercise routine – Sydnee hired a personal trainer to write her program and she hits the gym each morning at 5.30 am

How Sydnee Became A Well-Known Female Face In A Male-Saturated World

When it comes to the gaming world, Sydnee’s prolific career is front and center. She is the host of  IGN’s Daily Fix the largest website on the planet for gamers. It receives close to 150 M+ visitors to its site per month and Sydnee is featured prominently Monday through to Friday.

To land this role required practice and lots of it.

“I remember while I was working at Red Bull Media House in one of my first jobs someone told me that if I want to be on camera that I need to be in front of the camera every single day. Whether this was filming myself, getting someone else to film me I had to be used to talking comfortably in front of the camera, “ said Sydnee.

The thing that separates a good performance from a great one is the repetition of skill so that you’ve uncovered almost all of the stumbling blocks that amateurs make and this comes from practice. This type of practice is common amongst rising stars and it backs up Sydnee’s other skill that landed her the role at IGN, networking.

Sydnee implemented a networking strategy that focused on building relationships that mattered. Not the sleazy meet-as-many-people-as-possible kind of way, but the kind of relationship-building that requires time and consistency of getting to know another human being. These are Sydnee’s tips to make the most of meeting new people.

Sydnee’s Tactical Networking Tips

  • Make your connections human – Check your motives and create meaningful connections with people. Avoid asking yourself What is in this for me? But rather, treat this person as you would a friend – don’t just appear when you need a favor. This line of thinking will always guarantee that you’re in the frame of mind to give before receiving
  • Connect on social media – Sydnee after meeting at others would consistently stay in touch with those she meets by following them on Twitter and liking their posts and adding comments on relevant posts

How To Handle Criticism And Still Love What You Do

As the face of one of the Internet’s most prolific comments section over at IGN, Sydnee is scrutinized and harshly criticized or praised day in, day out for her work. Like all of us, Sydnee has shared the feeling of being “less than,” an “imposter,” not being “good enough” and worst of all, questioning whether she was actually right for her work.

“The Daily Fix is so personal to me because I spend so much of my day ideating and co-writing with my producer, and then it’s me in front of the camera,” she says,” I’m relatively new to the world of more formal hosting and would always wonder when the bad comments rolled in if these people were actually right to say that I’m bad at my job or if I got the role because I’m “hot”.

Even though there is one in twenty comments like that, I always looked for the negative and I remember questioning myself so many times of whether or not I’m right for this.

I’ve now learned that others criticism doesn’t speak to me as a person or who I am and I don’t have to be a martyr for their problems. I’ve learned to use my daily routine to take care of myself.”

Criticism can come from your parents, your friends, your partner or an audience you’ve never met when you’re trying something that others are too scared to do, this treatment is what almost all of us will be subject to on some level. Take Sydnee’s approach and remember others insecurities are not your own.

Sydnee has become one of the most recognized faces in a male-saturated industry because she keeps showing up, getting better and asking what others want before getting what she needed and repeating this cycle again and again.

If you want to take a leaf from Sydnee’s book and do as she has you can find more of Sydnee across her socials channels here:

P.S. For the hardcore fans of Sydnee who have always wondered where her signature “Mirror Selfies” have come from it started from the fact that Sydnee couldn’t show her shoes off because the mirror was too short. Now you know.

Sydnee Goodman Mirror Selfie

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