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How Powerful Business Women Dress For Success

BY Laura Bartlett

Whether you're an entrepreneur or work in the corporate world, what you wear and how you wear it matters.

Most corporate offices have a dress code everyone needs to adhere to. Even open, casual workplaces have unwritten rules about what's appropriate. People do judge you on your appearance, and sometimes, how you dress as a woman can make or break your career progress.

If you have a job interview, your interviewers will take what you wear into consideration. Also, what you wear on your first day at work is important for making an impression on your employers.

Read on to discover the best tips on how to dress for success and conquer the world with your powerful presence.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

To dress for success, you need clothing pieces that you can combine with each other. This is why you need a capsule wardrobe: a collection of classic, timeless pieces that you can style in different ways.

A good capsule wardrobe should contain at least two basic, classic items like tops and shirts, pants, blazers, coats, skirts/dresses, bags, and shoes. The best colors are white, black, navy blue, cream/beige, grey, and brown. Most of these colors pair well, but you can always add a pop of another color to liven up the outfit.

Use Accessories Wisely

Dressing for success is an easy concept once you discover your signature style. When the dress code is strict, you can accessorize an outfit with beautiful jewelry, a classic watch, or a designer bag from the french house Saint Laurent.

Another way to dress up an outfit is with a silk scarf around your neck. If you work in corporate environments, avoid long, draping scarves. For more casual settings, choose a scarf with more neutral colors and patterns.

Wear Comfortable, Classic Pieces

The key to dressing for success is wearing comfortable, high-quality pieces. Well-made clothes will not only look better but also last longer. The pieces won't fade or lose shape after a few washes, so you can rely on them day after day.

If you're not sure what your style should look like, look at other women dressed for success. Draw inspiration from successful women leaders, and observe their outfits to the smallest of details. Research what brands they wear, how much jewelry they put on, and what colors are the most prevalent in their style.

Choose the Right Shoes

No matter where you work and how much you move during the day, your shoes must be comfortable. Style-wise, shoes complete an outfit and give it the final touch, so opt for a classic pair that goes with everything.

Avoid wearing high heels if you can't walk in them. Sneakers and flats might only be appropriate on casual Fridays or in more relaxed working environments. Otherwise, the safest option is a stacked heel or a low-heeled pump that looks elegant, yet comfortable.

Now You Know How to Dress for Success!

They say you should dress for the job you want, not for the job you have, and we agree.

These tips will help you learn how to dress for success no matter what field you're in, and feel confident and comfortable as you move forward in your career.

Need more career success tips? Explore some of the other articles we've written on our site and become the boss babe we know you can be!


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