The Birth of a Personal Brand to Die For: How Did Lady Gaga Get Her Name?

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Building a strong personal brand can be the make or break of your success. But how do you put a name on yourself as a product for the ultimate success? Let's have a look at how the queen of personal branding, Lady Gaga, got her name and why it is so strong.

Lady Gaga may embody the sense of the word with her insane outfits and odd behavior, but is that really why she is called Lady Gaga? There are a few rumors around her name, but one thing is for sure. She is definitely Gaga and identifies with it. So, from Stefani Germanotta to Lady Gaga, how did the change come about?

Queen’s Influence

The icon Freddie Mercury is still influencing the best artists to this day. It’s no wonder that Queen’s iconic song “Radio Gaga” played a part in Lady Gaga’s namesake. Her former producer states he used to sing the song to her every time she came in the studio, and that she was the embodiment of the song.

An Auto-Corrected Text Message

Producer Robert Fusari told her that she reminded him of Radio Gaga many times over the years and would refer to her as “Mother Monster Radio Gaga.” One day, in a text message, the song’s name was corrected to Lady Gaga, and the name stuck from there.

It may have been a mistake that the message was sent as Lady Gaga, but it’s no mistake that the name stuck this long. Sometimes autocorrect isn’t all bad after all.

The Threat of a Lawsuit

In 2010, former producer Robert Fusari attempted to file a lawsuit for $30 Million in royalties. He stated he created her stage name and was entitled to royalties. The lawsuit was dropped by Fusari the same year and seemed to be a frivolous act. It wasn’t until she entered a countersuit that he backed down. Her publicist claims that Gaga and the jilted producer harbor no ill will toward each other and are amicable at the present time.

She Only Goes by Gaga Now

With her rise to fame, Lady Gaga now has some acting credits under her belt as well. While many other famous musicians turned actors have opted to use their real name for acting credits, she was credited as Gaga both for her roles in American Horror Story and A Star is Born. When asked about this, she said Gaga is just who she is now. It’s who she has always been, and now she can shine and be herself through her new identity.

She is Gaga, After All

When all is said and done, the name fits. From her flashy pop songs to her outlandish choices in wardrobe, she is gaga. And we are gushing to see more from her. She has an amazing range of talent that spans across multiple genres, and her acting career is just in its beginning phases.

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