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3 Holistic Habits That Guarantee a Successful Work Day

BY Laura Charelle

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Every BossBabe knows that how she shows up for work will determine the success of her day — and a few simple, holistic habits can easily take your mind and mood to the next level.

Your attitude impacts your mindset, the people you work with, and yes, even your bottom line. It also dictates your creativity and focus. What are the little things you can do that'll guarantee you have a successful day?

calm magnesium supplement holistic habit

1. Calm Your Body with Magnesium

Most people, men and women, are magnesium deficient. The main reason is due to stress. When you’re stressed, your body responds by flushing out your magnesium stores. Taking a magnesium supplement is a holistic habit that can have a major impact on your stress and therefor your productivity.

Magnesium is a calming mineral, helping you feel relaxed. When you have a jampacked day, too many emails, stress at home, a long commute, lots of travel, and all the other demands in your life, your body reacts. It’s natural because your mind perceives these as threats and wants you alert and focused to react.

How to deal?

Try taking a magnesium supplement. I use Natural Vitality’s Calm Plus Calcium because it’s in a powdered form, which is more easily absorbed. Magnesium is also better taken with calcium. I follow OB-GYN and women’s health pioneer, Dr Christiane Northrup’s recommendation in her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, for women to take 400-800mg a day, and split the dosage between the morning and evening.

Let’s say you’re going to take 400 mg. You’d take 200mg in the morning and another 200mg at night. This will prep your body in the morning and help you respond better to stress throughout the day. Then at night, you’ll be able to replenish your magnesium stores and experience better sleep.

You can test which amount feels best to you (always better to start small and build from there). You know if you’ve taken too much if your stool is too loose. SHOP HERE

kava stress relief tea holistic habit2. Strategically Sip on Tea

Coffee is a great motivator, but it’s also really acidic, which can make you feel more stressed. If you can start using tea more strategically, you’ll be able to pep yourself up for those long launch days or chill out when you’ve got back to back meetings.

My favorite tea pick-me-up is matcha. It’s loaded with antioxidants to benefit your skin, hair, and nails, while also having a higher caffeine content, similar to coffee. It’s processed a bit differently in the body so you have calmer energy that’s more sustainable. Rather than the crash and burn that can come from a cup of Joe.

For busy workdays when I can feel my body is a bit too hopped up, I love sipping Yogi Tea’s Kava Stress Relief. It’s a very relaxing tea that can calm your mind so you show up more grounded at work. SHOP HERE
glowing essential oil diffuser

3. Plugin Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Smelling energizing or relaxing scents while you work can really do wonders for your productivity. I love keeping a diffuser going while I work and choose oils based on how I’m feeling.

If I need more focus and energy I reach for lemongrass, eucalyptus, and grapefruit.

When I need to feel more relaxed I reach for lavender, frankincense, and cedarwood. These are very grounding scents so you can calmly get your work done.

Knowing your mood and what little assistance your body needs to go about your day can really make a world of difference in your creativity, energy, and set the tone for a very successful workday. Guaranteed.

What are your favorite holistic habits? Share in the comments below!

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