How to Build a Highly Converting Sales Page with Anna Nassery

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 127



  • The anatomy of a sales page and how to structure one for optimal conversion 
  • Understanding the buyer’s journey and how to craft a sales page that meets your ideal client where they’re at on their customer journey 
  • How to leverage testimonials, FAQs, and CTAs to empower your ideal customers to self-qualify themselves for your service/program 
  • What to consider before investing in a custom sales page vs. a done-for-you template 
  • Branding tips to help you confidently infuse your personality in your sales page


We’re welcoming back Anna Nassery, Founder and CEO of BrandUp, an LA-based creative agency and the geniuses behind our highly converting sales pages for our flagship programs, Insta Growth Accelerator and Online Launch School.

When it comes to building a highly converting sales page, we know how overwhelming the process can be but before you invest tons of money into creating a custom page that may not even convert, Anna is lifting the lid on how to structure and optimize a sales page. Tune in as she breaks it down step-by-step on how to outline a sales page to meet your ideal clients where they’re at on their customer journey.

After this episode, you’ll understand how the buyer’s journey influences the layout of your sales page and what you need to do in order to optimize every piece of information for conversion. Get your pen and paper ready because we’re touching on psychology, branding, and even a bit of biohacking (because you know we’re all about optimizing both our business and health!).


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