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Here’s How to Stick With Your Intuition in Business

BY Team BossBabe

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Have you ever said ‘yes' to a business deal only to know it was wrong in the back of your mind? Or brought on a client you definitely vibe with? Or promoted something that didn't align with your brand mission?

Yeah? We've been there too, don't worry!

Call it a gut feeling, energy, following your heart…they all work – but what it comes down to is NOT following your intuition. Not allowing that inner guidance to steer you in the right direction.

With so many temptations, from money to fame to ego, it can feel impossible to stick to your gut 100% of the time, both inside and outside of business. Especially when you're first getting started and you'd do anything to make your first dollar or sign your first client.

What we've learned about straying from our intuition is it never works out in the end. Sure, you might make some money or build your portfolio, but business isn't all about money and clientele. At least not the type of business we're interested in!

We're interested in having a business that's successful and FEELS GOOD. We want to wake up in the morning pumped to start the day. Excited to engage with our followers and community. Fulfilled by doing our work! And if you're not aligning your intuition with that work and those clients…that's really freaking hard to do.

So, how do you run a successful business all whilst following your intuition? We've got you covered with these tips.

Know your worth

In business, people will constantly try to take advantage of you. People might make you question your rates, your services, your performance, and so on…so it's absolutely critical to know your worth and be willing to stand up for it.

Study the market before pricing out your products or services to make sure they align with your expertise, the results you provide, and the market value. Once you have that knowledge, you can confidently say ‘yes' or ‘no' to opportunities as they arise. You'll also know when someone is trying to take advantage of you…and politely pass!

Get rid of your scarcity mindset

We could do an entire blog post on getting rid of a scarcity mindset (shall we?) because it's a major hurdle with small business and early entrepreneurs. A scarcity mindset is essentially that scared feeling that a lot of entrepreneurs experience where they worry that there may not be enough work out there, that their niche is saturated, that they aren't the best in their industry, and constantly fear that their clients will cancel tomorrow. So often they will take on clients or projects that don't feel in alignment and that go against their intuition.

But hear this… you MUST get over that scarcity mindset, or at least know how to quiet those fears. Or else you'll end up being bogged down by clients, tasks, and commitments that don't bring out the very best in you or get you closer to achieving your business goals.

Believe us, there's endless money to be made, enough space in the market for you and your services, and ideal clients waiting for you! Don't let the fear override your intuition and worth.

Ask yourself this question

“Would you want to do THE THING IN QUESTION today?” So often, we commit to something because we're excited, because of the scarcity mindset, or because we think we'll have the energy for it in the future…even when our intuition is telling us NO. Then the THING IN QUESTION rolls around and we don't want to do it.

Instead of having to back out of commitments or push through something you absolutely dread, ask yourself if you'd want to do that thing today. If your answer is ‘no,' you likely won't want to do it tomorrow or next week either…and that is your intuition speaking up, loud and clear!

Sleep on it

We live in such a fast-paced culture that we sometimes forget that not everything needs an immediate response.

When faced with something you're not sure about, take a day (or several) to sleep on it and feel it out. Let it sink in as the excitement of the opportunity fades (or grows!). See how your gut feels about it after a good night's rest and time to reflect.

In case you need this reminder: you DON'T have to answer people right away. You have permission to pause, reflect, and slow down. This is an important boundary we recommend you set inside your business and personal life with those around you, so you can properly assess situations, opportunities, and invitations to make sure they are aligned with your goals and desires. Trust us, it's a major time saver and will boost your productivity tremendously when put into consistent practice.

Is there a time when you've listened (or not listened) to your intuition in business? How did it serve you? We'd love to hear in the comments below.


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