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The Only 3 Things You Need to Do to Accomplish Any Goal

BY Amber Metoyer

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“Unapologetically ambitious” is the BossBabe mantra. As part of this ambition, boss babes often have huge goals. While having these goals can be exciting and inspiring, it’s common to also feel paralyzed by overwhelm when getting started.

How to Reach Any Goal in 3 Steps

1. Know what you want.

The most important step to reaching any goal is to be crystal clear about what you want. Think about what you desire most in life – really define it. As long as your goals are fuzzy, your results will be mediocre. For the next year, choose no more than five goals to work toward, preferably three or less. Keeping your goals concise will release the power of focus, which is crucial to your success.

2. Plan.

Your goal-setting process should include all the different characteristics of SMART goals. Once they are well defined, write out the specific action steps you need to take. If they seem so big that listing their action steps seems too overwhelming, break the goal into major phases and then list the steps. Schedule these specific steps as blocks in your calendar, so that you have a timeline for when each goal will be accomplished.

3. Take massive action.

To achieve ten times the results, the 10X guru Grant Cardone says you need to “take massive action”. Now that you’re clear on your goals and have an action plan to move you toward them, commit to taking these steps daily. This often involves saying no to opportunities that don’t align with your priorities, as well as significantly eliminating distractions, such as TV and social media. And as the infamous quote BossBabe quote says, “You can get a lot done in one day”.

Now that you know how to reach any goal, it’s time to start. Write down your goals, create a plan, and take action, babe!

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