Why Your Fear of Visibility is Limiting Your Instagram Growth

BY BossBabe

The BossBabe Podcast Episode 118



  • The ONE thing you need to build an audience and meaningful influence on social media
  • How to kick post paralysis to the curb and start showing up as your unapologetic, authentic self 
  • The importance of knowing your ‘why’ for being present on social media and why it’s key to building confidence on camera
  • Natalie’s and Danielle’s different perspectives and experiences when it came to showing up on Instagram during the early days of BossBabe 
  • How to identify the root of your fears of showing up on social media and overcome them


When it comes to showing up on Instagram, which BossBabe co-founder do you resonate with most? Are you someone who’s comfortable on camera like Natalie, or do you prefer to be behind-the-scenes like Danielle? Either way, both Natalie and Danielle have cultivated their confidence over the years to show up on social media.

Having used Instagram to build her first business, Natalie understood how vital it was to show up every day to deliver consistent value for her audience, which is why she appears so natural on social media today. She knew that BossBabe’s audience growth and influence wholly depended on her commitment to showing up daily – rain or shine.

Whilst Danielle didn’t initially have this urgency to be on social media, she overcame her post paralysis by learning to hone in on why it was important for her to show up. By identifying the root of her fears and focusing on her ‘why’, Danielle was also able to build her confidence on camera.

Both Natalie and Danielle didn’t start out as superstars on social media, but with consistency and having a clear, strong ‘why’, they were able to overcome their limiting beliefs and attract an audience by showing up as their authentic selves (which means that you can do it too!).

If you want to stop second-guessing yourself, put an end to post paralysis, and become an expert in your niche that makes an impact, then this episode will show you how.


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