Why Your Fear of Visibility is Limiting Your Instagram Growth

How consistency and having a clear, strong ‘why’ can attract an audience by showing up as your authentic self..,


The BossBabe Podcast Episode 118



  • The ONE thing you need to build an audience and meaningful influence on social media
  • How to kick post paralysis to the curb and start showing up as your unapologetic, authentic self 
  • The importance of knowing your ‘why’ for being present on social media and why it’s key to building confidence on camera
  • Natalie’s and Danielle’s different perspectives and experiences when it came to showing up on Instagram during the early days of BossBabe 
  • How to identify the root of your fears of showing up on social media and overcome them


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  • This episode is sponsored by the Insta Growth Accelerator. A 12-week accelerator designed to show you how to grow and monetize your Instagram account: https://bossbabe.com/iga

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