Image credit: Peachy Creative Media

I still can’t believe I can write this statement: exactly one month after officially launching my business, we had a contract with a multi-million dollar company.

It might seem a cliche to say ‘dream big’, but its exactly what my business partner bestie and I did one month to the day after our launch party.

Pressing ‘send’ on the proposal email to the brand felt scary, but all we could do was give it all the positive vibes. What did we have to lose?

Within hours, we had a reply and set a meeting for the following week. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Absolutely!

We could hardly believe when we found out we had got the contract. In just four weeks we went from newbies to landing a client we thought we could only dream about working with.

So, how did we go from launch to signing a lucrative contract? Here’s 5 things we kept in mind…

1. Believe in yourself

How can you expect others to want to book your product or service if you don’t even believe your own hype?

Stop the negative self talk and focus on the skills and expertise you have that has led you to where you are right now.


2. Don’t be scared

We can put off so many things in life through fear, but if you put yourself out there and embrace that vulnerability, what is really the worst that can happen?

No one ever got anywhere by staying in their comfort zone.


3. Go the extra mile

From the get-go, Peachy Creative Media has had a really specific brand identity and that has helped us have that professional edge on competitors.

We also like to be seriously prepared, right down to things like branded presentations and easy to read proposals that keep in with our fun and personal brand.


4. Do your research

Forget generic ‘hi there’ or ‘dear business owner’ emails. Investigate who the company actually are and try to find the name of the person you want to contact.

Search for any press articles, find out about their latest launches, discover where they are based. The more information you can get on a brand you’re pitching to, the better.


5. Visualise, visualise, visualise

For every one of our clients, both potential and confirmed, we like to put together a hidden Pinterest vision board so we have a clear focus on where we want to take the brand.

It really helps to get in the flow and gives you the feeling of what it would be like working with the business to up-level.