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From Corporate Grind To Multiple 6-Figure Income: How Maria Giambrone Did it

BY Taharah Saad

Maria Giambrone

Imagine living the “American Dream“, being successful in the eyes of the term.  Working in corporate America in NYC for years making a solid 6-figure salary, with a good title all while still managing to grow a family.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Except, it's not usually as glamorous as it seems.  That's exactly what Maria Giambrone, Certified Holistic Health Coach, always knew.  I got the chance to interview her and found out exactly how “having it all” for her looked a little different and didn't include rising in the ranks of Corporate America.  Read more about her story, and how she was able to break free of the corporate chains and gain multiple 6-figure freedom.

Maria Giambrone, From Corporate Grind to Multiple 6 Figure Income

Even before I had children, I knew I never wanted to be tied down to a 9-5.  Unfortunately, with the responsibility of my position the working hours became 8-6, with an added commute on top of that.  Plus, I was always “on call” for whenever my executive needed something.

All during my years in corporate I always had a “side gig”.  Something I had hoped would result in the extra money to be able to retire from that life.  However, that never happened.

Until recently.  While my husband was sick with cancer, we were presented with an opportunity.  We purchased stock in a publicly traded company and with the stock, we received some health and wellness products.  Being a certified health coach, I liked what I saw in the all natural ingredients and we decided to try the products.  We immediately felt a difference in anxiety and we knew this was going to be big.  So we started sharing with friends.

Our company launched last January, and by February I had surpassed my monthly corporate America income.  By May, I made the decision to leave corporate America altogether and focus on my business full time.  In less than a year, we grew the business to $2 million a month.

Now I get to stay home with my family and work from wherever we are.  We travel a lot and my husband and kids are a big part of the business.  We are financially free and on target to earn six figures monthly by end of this year.  

Maria Giambrone, From Corporate Grind to Multiple 6 Figure Income

After talking to Maria, it really solidified to me that success doesn't look the same to everyone.  We all have different ideas of how we define success, and what makes us happy.  Maria seemed to “have it all” and yet she still felt like something was missing.  Once everything clicked into place for her, she was able to finally achieve her version of success – having financial freedom and the ability to travel and be with her family.

What does success look like to you?

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