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Stop Being a Stress Ball By Doing These FREE Things – Right Now

BY Cia Wiggins

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How many times a day have you thought to yourself, “I’m so stressed!” Or even “I don’t need this stress!” Chances are, you’ve probably said one of these things at least once in the past week — maybe even sometime today. So, what are you doing to reduce stress?

If stress seems to be your best friend, no worries. I have 5 free things you can do right now to reduce stress immediately and in the long-term…

1. Journal/ or write.

Our brains amongst other organs is one of the hardest working organs we have. Because it works so hard, we are constantly thinking even if we don’t realize it. Some of our thoughts can actually build more anxiety and stress subliminally. In the back of our minds, we may be dwelling on a past argument we’ve had with a friend, or our next career move. 

Journalling doesn’t always have to be boring but instead can offer a path of clarity for those of us who can’t shake the stress away. I usually offer journaling prompts for my patients who don’t feel comfortable just free writing. Your goal is to free up some space in your head so writing it out is a perfect option. Some of the prompts you can use are:

What do you need more of in life?

What things set your soul on fire?

What are some limiting beliefs you have that’s holding you back from your best life?

Of course, you can write just about anything that’s been bothering. Our goal is to destress and let go of the anxiety that’s been built up in your head. 

2. Write a letter.

Most often, our stress is contextual, meaning, we don’t just wake up stressed, but instead there is something that triggers the feeling. I love using narrative therapy with my patients.

Why? Because it offers you the ability to rewrite your story. If you’re feeling stressed or bothered, write to your situation! Or even write a letter to the person that’s been bothering you.

For example: Let’s say you’ve been stressed because a business venture has just fell through the cracks. This has caused you to be in a bit of a slump and you have been feeling defeated.

Try writing a letter to the business venture. Telling the venture how you feel about the loss, and how you plan on overcoming it. You can even throw some “F” bombs in there if you are feeling spunky. Of course, you don’t have to send these letters but they are healthy measures to reduce stress.

3. Declutter or clean.

Our space is usually a reflection of our mind and lifestyle in some manner. If you are living in a cluttered space or working in a congested environment stress may be knocking at your door. We may not realize it but giving your space a good clean can alleviate some of the worries you may be experiencing. 

I know, it may sound a bit crazy, but trust me!

“A clean space, brings a happy face!”

Cleaning also offers your brain a break from ruminating on troubling thoughts.

4. Watch a funny movie or show.

Nothing kicks anxiety or stress in the butt like a good laugh. When we laugh we give ourselves a quick endorphin boost. Endorphins give you the feeling of happiness that is sure to combat feelings of somber.

My go-to show in the states is “Impractical Jokers”

Yes, I love to laugh at other’s people’s stupidity! But who doesn’t?

A quick search on Netflix for “funny movies” will surely help you when it comes to de-stressing with a good laugh. 

5. Have a dance party.

Last but not least, DANCE!

Who cares if you don’t know how to keep a beat or the latest moves to the newest line dances! Dancing is a form of expression and this also offers a quick release of endorphins. Exercising is essential when it comes to de-stressing but most times exercises are mundane.

So why not dance it out!?

Dancing requires you to move every muscle in your body and it sends a quick jolt of positive energy through your mind.

Positive vibes are truly needed when you can’t seem to let go of anxiety and reduce stress. You don’t have to have shoes to dance, or a fancy outfit. Dancing only requires you to move and feel the energy music provides.

So whether you are in your car, or in your living room, turn on some good tunes and shake yourself loose!

What do you do to reduce stress? Comment below, and share the wealth of happy minds!


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