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Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

BY Team BossBabe

You’re not happy at your day job. And honestly, we get that.

We get that because every day we hear from dozens of women just like you who aren’t happy at work and need to make a change. Can you relate?

As far as we’re concerned, feeling unhappy at work just isn’t okay. You deserve to show up to a job you love every single day and do work you’re actually passionate about. The sad reality is, out of all the women who are unhappy at work, most of them don’t actually do anything about it. That’s because somewhere deep down they believe this is just the way it has to be. 

But not you.

You know your worth, you’ve built your confidence and you’re done settling for a 9-5 that doesn’t make you excited to get out of bed every morning (because spoiler alert: it should). Now, it’s time for you to do something about it.

At BossBabe, we firmly believe 2022 can be the year you say no to the job you hate and yes to a life you love. For you, step one in that journey might be quitting your job. But quitting your job can feel scary. Like “my-stomach-hurts-every-time-I- think-about-telling-my-boss” scary. That fear can be really hard to overcome.

That’s why we want to make sure you have the tools you need to leave your job with confidence and thrive in whatever comes next. Because honestly – you can and you deserve to.

So, like any good friend would, we’re going to sit down with you and talk about it. We’re going to get to the root of exactly why you want to quit your job and what you need to do to make it happen. And we’ll be right here cheering you on when you do.

So grab your coffee, open up your journal and let’s dive in.

Before You Quit Your Job, You Need To Check In With Yourself

If you want to quit your job, you’re not alone. There are countless women just like you who feel unhappy and unfulfilled in their job and making a change is exactly what they need to do. The problem is, a lot of ambitious women take the leap without ever turning inwards and making sure they’re ready to quit their job in the first place.

That’s a problem. If you’re not prepared to quit your job, you’re going to end up scrambling to make something work, and in the end, you might end up in another dead-end job that just happens to be in a different office building. Not good.

That’s why we want you to take time to reflect first. When you really sit with each of these questions, you’ll be able to quit your job with a lot more confidence and be that much closer to a life you truly love.

1 – Why do you want to quit your job?

If you’re at the point where you’re ready to quit your job, you probably didn’t get here overnight. There’s a reason why your current job just isn’t working for you anymore, and in order to find one that does, you need to understand why this one is falling short.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your role and are bored, want more leadership opportunities or you’re suffocating in the company culture and need to get out. If that sounds like you, you might just need to transition from your current job to a new one that allows you to operate in your zone of genius.

On the other hand, maybe your side hustle is taking off, you just can’t shake the entrepreneurial bug or you have a brilliant idea you need to get out into the world. For you, this journey might look a little bit different. (Psst – if that’s you, jump to the bottom of the blog for something special we’ve got just for you).

Once you’ve taken the time to figure out why you want to quit your job, you’ll be much more equipped to make a plan of action for what you need to do next.

2 – What are your core values?

We spend so much of our lives at work, so if the job you’re doing doesn’t align with your core values, you’re going to burn out – fast. 

That’s why you need to be doing work that aligns with your core values and desires. Work that’s aligned allows you to feel like you’re really using your time in a worthwhile way.

So what do you value? Maybe you want to have the freedom to travel, experience wealth, lead a team or have a daily structure.

There are so many different values and belief systems out there. Once you uncover yours, you get to decide how to build a career that reflects them. For some people, that’s starting a business, for others that means aligning with a business that has the same impact on the world you want to have. Dig deep and find out what you value so you can build a life that reflects that.

3 – What's the worst thing that could happen?

For the next two questions, draw a line down the middle of your journal. On one side, write “worst-case scenario”.

This is your chance to get all your fears on paper because if you’re quitting your job, chances are you’ve got a lot of them. What do you fear might go wrong if you quit your job?

You might be afraid you’ll be late on your bills, burn the bridge at your old company, feel lonely in your new path or end up regretting your decision in a few months. Having fears is perfectly normal. When you can get your fears down on paper, they begin to not feel quite as scary and you can decide if your “worst-case scenario” is actually worse than staying in a job that leaves you unfulfilled.

4 – What's the best thing that could happen?

On the other side of the line, write “best-case scenario.” This is your chance to dream big and think about all of the possibilities that could happen if you quit your job and it goes really well.

You might anticipate finally hitting your financial goals, feeling more fulfilled, showing up better at home or getting to travel the world. Get really specific in this step. You should be able to close your eyes and actually picture your own version of success.

Now, look at both lists. Do your fears still have power when you compare them to your best life? If so, is there anything you can start to do now to combat your fears so you can feel at peace when you quit your job?

Change Is Always Going To Feel Scary

If you’ve finished this reflection process and are thinking you might actually quit your job, you might have a weird mix of both excitement and fear floating around inside of you. 

Change always feels uncomfortable, and you might never get to a place where you have a blank “worst-case scenario” column. That’s okay.

Sometimes, getting pushed outside of your comfort zone is exactly what you need to do to become the best version of yourself. Isn’t that what this is all about after all?

Entrepreneurship Isn’t For Everyone 

For many of you, the next step is going to be diving into your career search. If that’s you, you’re done with the hard work for now. Pop some bubbles and give yourself a chance to celebrate. The journey might not be easy, but Team BossBabe is cheering you on every step of the way as you find your new dream job. We can’t wait to see where you land.

For a lot of you, quitting your job means finally becoming an entrepreneur. If that’s you, you’ve actually got a bit more work to do. You still need to figure out your finances, map out your transition phase and find the mentorship and resources you need so entrepreneurship doesn’t just become some massive guessing game.

Our CEO, Natalie Ellis, made a step-by-step guide just for you. In this YouTube video, you’ll get all the information you need to not just quit your day job, but to actually become a successful, thriving entrepreneur.

Here’s the thing – being an entrepreneur isn’t always glamorous and it’s not for everyone. You won’t be working 9-5 for someone else, but you will be working 24/7 for yourself. If you’ve got the entrepreneurial fire, you’re not going to mind the long hours and late nights. In fact, most of the time, you’ll love them. When you watch this video, you’ll have everything you need to be happy, fulfilled, and thriving in your new entrepreneurial journey.


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