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Five Online Business Ideas For Women

BY Team BossBabe


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Working remotely is the future – especially as a woman entrepreneur. There are plenty of jobs that allow you to work from simply wifi. And these jobs happen to make a reasonable salary, so much so that online jobs can absolutely be full-time.

Here, we listed the top five businesses to start as an online entrepreneur that are guaranteed to make some serious cash – with a little hard work and dedication, of course. 


So, you know all of those influencers that you follow on social media today? Well, a good portion of them started off as bloggers. Blogging, whether it’s for fashion, beauty, food, travel – and honestly anything else you can possibly think of – is one of the easiest ways to start an online business. All you need is a computer, wifi and a passion for anything that people will be interested in tuning in to.

Social Media Influencer

Influencers today are making nearly seven figures from simply posting the right content. And don't think that their influence is only on social media, many influencers are using this platform as a gateway into incredible public figure careers like modeling, acting, and designers. The best thing about being an influencer is that you don’t need millions of followers to start getting noticed. Influencing ranges from micro-influencers ( 1,000 or fewer followers) to macro-influencers (1 million+), all you need is the social presence and authority to persuade your audience in an impactful way that brands feel trusted to have you promote their product.


Life Coach

If people tend to come to you naturally for advice or you know exactly what to say to alleviate stress in people's lives then maybe your calling is to be a life coach – which can be an awesome online job. All you need to do is become certified, create a website and start marketing your services on what you specialize in. Learn the industry best practices and tailor your pricing to slightly above – trust us, this will be what attracts your customer.

Open An Online Store

Whether you’re selling your own homemade products or selling affiliate products, an online store is your go-to way for creating a supplemental income. Many entrepreneurs started online shops during the pandemic and have seen the fruits of their labor since then. Why? Because not only were they first in line for disaster relief funding, but because many stores were shut down during this time and communities were relying heavily on each other for support. 

Setting up your own shop on websites like Etsy is a great place to start selling homemade goods. But if you’re looking to sell affiliate products, a hosting site where it allows you to set up a custom shop for affiliate products would work best with platforms like Shopify.

Graphic Designer

If you’re a graphic designer in today’s economy then you have a super large market for your services. Either you can freelance your work or create your own business with an incredible portfolio of all of your talented designs. Using tools like Canva is a great place to start, as well as uploading your work to your personal and professional social media accounts will get you the recognition you deserve. 

When you have a passion it can absolutely be turned into a full-time profit – you just have to know what steps to take to get you there. Do your research, listen to podcasts episodes, like this one, read the right books, ask the right questions, etc. Why? Because you’re one step away from fulfilling your dreams.


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