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As a mom in business myself, I understand the struggle between wanting to enjoy your career whilst taking care of your family. I get it. It’s ridiculously hard as society tells you that you need to choose one over the other. Well, my fellow mom, it’s not true.

Here are three reasons why a mom in business is perfect for both a career and mothering:

  1. Our businesses need care and attention just as our babies require the same level of nurturance.

If you care equally about your success in both finances and child raring it’s going to require a certain level of attention that is comparable to nurturing something you love.

2. Being a mother requires hardcore time management skills to meet needs just as businesses need management skills for our deadlines.

Mothers have to be one of the best-trained people on this earth who juggle a billion tasks at once. I am not saying that if you don’t have kids you suck at time management but rather if you have children you develop a great appreciation for utilizing your time wisely.

3. There is not a clear-cut plan to raise a child correctly just like there isn’t the “right” formula for a successful business

No two children are the same just as no two businesses are the same. Each one of these structures and bodies requires different plans. Being able to recognize that there isn’t a one size fits all plan with your children definitely carries over into the business world.

Encouraging words to mothers in business:

I hope these excerpts find you in good favor as you leverage your innate abilities in caregiving and your expertise in the business realm.

Dear the mother of two who’s sporting that blazer with the faded milk spot,

We see you. We understand the sacrifices you’ve made to climb that corporate ladder while your toddler just wanted to climb into bed. Your sacrifice means the world to others and we respect you Miss CEO. #momPower

Dear mom of a newborn who just really wanted her business to grow,

Congrats on not giving up the fight. While you persevered to scale the business you once called your baby, you simultaneously grew a human and scaled your family. Gosh you’re a superhero!

Dear mom who just wants to strategize and talk numbers,

We knew all of the diapers you’ve changed and bottles you’ve prepared would sharpen your math skills as you closed negotiations!

Dear 7 figure mom with the breast pump in one hand and your deal closing pen in the other,

Who says you can’t multitask? Maybe breastfeeding didn’t go as planned and now you have to exclusively pump. It’s ok! Because you’re steadily pumping out those deals and trades which brings enough food on the table for everyone!

Dear multi-business owner who double backs at least once a week to drop off a forgotten lunchbox,

There are only so many ways you can remind your three kiddos to grab their lunchboxes!! Maybe you should try duct taping it to their book bags. After all, if you can manage five businesses, preparing five lunches should be a walk in the park. 

Hopefully, these short letter helped remind a fellow mom in business of her strength not only as a mother but a boss babe!


  1. I know the newly accepted wisdom is that multi-tasking is a bad thing, but moms have to do it in order to run our families’ lives effectively. As you know, in order to raise kids AND run a business, we need to manage multiple schedules and priorities and still make time for ourselves. Thanks for recognizing the advanced level of skill required to be a mom who runs a business.

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