double your energy

As an entrepreneur, your most important assets are time and the way you choose to spend that time. What you do with the hours you have in a day, the focus you give to your goals, and your productivity levels are all critical to your success… and you are in complete control of these. You may love productivity hacks to help you accomplish more tasks in a day, but what about biohacks that literally create more energy so you can do more in less time? Learning to double your energy levels provides you the efficiency to crush it all day long and the stamina you need to accomplish every goal you set.

Learn about the bioavailability of energy.

Food is energy, but different foods you eat provide you with different levels of energy and nutrition. Learning how to design your meals in a day also means designing the energy levels you’ll get ahead with compared to people who simply don’t care about how eating impacts their work. “High performance” is a buzzword recently, but don’t be intimidated by the idea of eating for high energy. Eat more plants and whole foods, limit the ingredients in your processed food choices, hydrate like crazy, and make meal decisions based on your own high energy foods.

Don’t multitask… focus saves you time.

It takes energy to attempt multitasking and can be draining to switch your attention to try and refocus your thinking all at once. Instead, prioritize your actions in a day and focus on executing them well one at a time. Clarity and focus will let you complete your tasks quickly and give you a sense of accomplishment in the end. Can you combine a work task with something mindless, like taking your business calls while walking? Absolutely… just don’t do yourself the disservice of spreading your mind’s awareness too thin at one time. You’ll find that you’ll save energy throughout the day and will avoid the draining feeling of doing too much, too fast.

Slow down to speed up.

It used to be trendy among entrepreneurs to be the busiest one, the girl who’s always grinding. Keep hustling, but learn how resting energy actually improves your active energy. Don’t skip a good night’s sleep to work earlier if you’ll just be exhausted and foggy all day long. Don’t overcommit yourself to projects that will be of lower quality since you’re spread too thin. If you need to do less to do it all better, let yourself. You’ll find that getting much needed sleep, making time for your family, only committing to projects you know you can be your absolute best for will all pay off when you are not overwhelmed and overworked.

Double your energy one small step at a time in order to fall in love with your productivity, your clarity, and your routine in work and life. When you take care of yourself and know the hacks you need to do more in less time, you’ll succeed more in business (and your own mental health).