Wanda Marie Thibodeaux is a woman whose writing online has millions of views and is one of the most valuable assets to Inc. magazine. She lives in Eagan, Minnesota and she is not the embodiment of someone who fits the current entrepreneurial stereotype, although she is what I would call successful in all facets of life.

She is first and foremost a mum of two children Emma (9) and Issac (8), wife to Chris and owner of, her own company which specializes in creating incredible copy for individuals and companies alike which has been running for over 10 years. Finally, she is a writer for Inc. magazine where she has published over 300 articles and counting. Her work has inspired meaningful conversations within the boardrooms of CEO’s and has brought in both positive and mental operational shifts to the companies that have seen her work.

Her writing helps thousands of people, myself included. I first read her work that centred on shopping for your significant other. That piece actually led me to put in some more effort and get my girlfriend some new shoes, rather than the gift card I’d planned. (My girlfriend graciously rejected the shoes. But she told me she loved the thought and wore them, anyway.)

With the impact that Wanda has made to both the individual and companies alike are you wondering why is the first time you’ve come across her name?

It is not because Wanda doesn’t want to be in the spotlight she just knows that success and media attention are not synonyms. She understands that you don’t need a following, mass attention or a brand to find success in the things that matter.

She is content with her family, her business and her life and to me, that is what I call successful.

Entrepreneurship today has become a buzzword for so many people. It has become a fascination for so many of us to confuse what we see on other people’s social media and compare this to our own lives.

We see a picture of a friend on a beach and wish we had the physique of that person.

We see a friend traveling the world and dream of our own vacation.

We see another friend taking the world by storm and secretly wish for our own success in their place.

What most of us are confusing though is that success takes on a variety of guises for each individual and we are all running our own race.

The media has conditioned us to be envious of others success and wish they were our own. It has brought us to a juncture where we see entrepreneurship as a tool for posting photos on Instagram and Facebook and counting the likes as validation for our work.

The media has taught us to live a life that we’re not happy with. And not the good kind of ‘not satisfied’ rather the parasitic one. It’s OK to aspire for more, but the objects of those aspirations can become toxic.

It has conditioned us to tune in to things that make our reality easier.

The reason we spend so much time on Netflix is that it offers another option to the life that we’re leading that we secretly (or openly) wish we weren’t living.

You see, the reason I’m so fond of Wanda’s writing and lifestyle and why she is the embodiment of this article is that she is successful by so many measures financially (she runs her own business), socially (she works from home and spends time with her family), consciously (her writing has helped thousands) and academically (well, she is an incredible writer).

She is not your typical bossbabe that we see on most social media forums but she is by every meaning of the word a bossbabe and a damn good one because she is living the life she wants.

What the media has taught us to fabricate what makes us happy or popular. We’re afraid that if we don’t conform to whatever the norm is whether it’s in entrepreneurship or life we will be hamstrung.

You don’t need to lie to others to make them happy by saying you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

It doesn’t make sense for us to stress that a friend has a better physique. We can put the work in for that too.

We don’t need to be concerned that a friend is traveling the world taking selfies. Our time is yet to come.

Being angry that a friend has become a stalwart in their field isn’t helping us reach our goals. Reach out to them congratulate them and remember their success is your success.

All of us are setting our own pace and patience and persistence are rewarded concurrently.

Wanda passed on some very wise words of advice to me that capture the meaning of this article from a woman who struck out to create her own business at 24, which has been running now for over 11 years.

“Learn to take away the fear of rejection when you’re pursuing what you’re after.”

Fear of being different is what is keeping you in front and centre of social media glued to the screen. Do not be that person anymore.

Don’t reward others by lying to them about your reality, go out and make the reality that you’re happy to talk about.

Don’t live others expectations of your life.

Live your own.


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