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Do You. But Don’t Do It Alone. 

BY Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

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I launched my business and immediately went searching for a new tribe. I knew having a team of the right supporters was just as important as my business name and company website.

After more than 20 years in corporate America, I launched the business I had been planning and plotting. I quickly realized the tribe that had been so important to me in my corporate sales career would not be as valuable to me in my entrepreneurial adventure. They would still be my friends, but I needed to find people that were doing what I was doing as an entrepreneur.

It takes a strong woman to courageously launch a business, live your dream, and walk in your purpose. Your courage should be applauded. It also takes a vulnerable spirit to create something, release it into the world and say, “I made this for you, I hope you like it.”

Once we launch our dream into the world, we have that moment full of fear and hesistation. Moments of questioning our sanity about why we chose to build this thing in the first place. 

Too often we sit quietly staring down that fear. Alone. 

We’re strong women that usually figure our stuff out. We get it done. Sometimes because of our strength, it’s hard to reach out and admit we’re struck by fear. On those rare occasions we do reach out and admit our fear, there isn’t always an empathic ear waiting for us.  The response is typical, “You’ll be great, you always do great things!”  

In my head I cry out like a toddler late for naptime, “BUT WHAT IF THIS ISN'T GREAT?!” 

My preferred response? “Tell me more about how you’re feeling? I’m sure this is a scary time for you, tell me how I can support you.”  Or my favorite, “Girl, I get it, this thing is damn hard, let’s grab an Old Fashioned and talk it through!”  

And when our project does well and our friend says, “Of course it did, you always do great work.”  I know that sounds like a compliment, but it isn't. It minimizes our sleepless nights, hours of research, and sweat we poured into this thing. It was hard. And because it was hard, you are so ridiculously proud and a little exhausted. My preferred response? “Damn girl, what is your goal for this project now that it’s launched?” or “What are you most excited about with this project?”

I say this not because I want a pity party and I know you don’t want that either. Ick.  What I want is authentic strong supporters in my tribe who understand what it means to build something and agonize over it.  If you don’t currently have those, GO AND FIND THEM!   

Look at your circle of friends.  Are any of them building a business and courageously living their dream?  You may have amazing friends you’ve picked up from college or the neighborhood or through your husband or kids.  Those aren’t always the right people to support you in this Boss Babe journey.  Yes, keep those good friends AND find a few that “get you” and what you’re building. 

We’re not meant to do life alone and we’re certainly not meant to pull through the tough stuff alone.  Finding a tribe of badass Boss Babes was a life changer for me.  It doesn’t happen by accident, you must go find them … intentionally! 

There’s a strong woman out there in your area building something amazing, go find her!  Start that local meet up, message someone online that lives in your area!  Go …now …do it!  Yes, “Do You” with someone that “Gets You”.  


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