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Demystifying The Digital World: 3 Ways Bluehost Is Boosting Success For Non-Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs

BY Cherie Aimée

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As a non-tech savvy female entrepreneur or business owner, you most likely experienced the many challenges in building a successful business website. You tried creating it yourself to save money but could not figure everything out. You invested thousands into development but ended up with an incomplete site. Or, you developed your site but have no idea how to let the market know your business exists. When you have a passionate desire to create an online presence in a fast-growing industry market, these hurdles are enough to discourage you or any new online business owner.

While in New York City, I decided to sit down with Suhaib Zaheer, SVP & GM of Bluehost, one of the top 20 largest website hosting providers. I wanted to see what insights he had to share with the entrepreneurial and small business community.

The first character trait I noticed about Zaheer was his outgoing and friendly personality. He is extremely knowledgeable and our conversation could have continued for hours. It was fascinating to learn about his background being a successful business owner. As he shared his story with me, I could sense his longtime enthusiasm for helping customers achieve success.

Suhaib Zaheer

Suhaib Zaheer, SVP & GM of Bluehost

Zaheer has a skill every successful entrepreneur has and that is the ability to solve other people's problems and deliver on it. He recognized early on, as an owner and operator of a commercial real estate brokerage, that he was not the only business owner struggling to build a web presence.

Zaheer was in the field of helping customers with mergers and acquisitions, including mom-and-pop shops, gas stations, and day spas. He enjoyed assisting people to buy and start businesses.

When he noticed small businesses having a difficult time developing a successful online presence, he decided to find a solution and transitioned his career into technology. His path eventually led him to the Bluehost team and its parent company, Endurance International Group, which he has been a part of now for almost a decade.

According to a study conducted by, Endurance, 74 percent of respondents plan to build their own website, but 54 percent of respondents have little to no experience with website management. It seems Zaheer's earlier entrepreneurial and leadership insights led him to the perfect fast-growing company where he could lead a team and help solve the daunting problem, so many non-tech savvy entrepreneurs are facing today.

Here is an exciting look at 3 ways in which Zaheer and Bluehost are redefining their mission as a website hosting company and making your future success their primary focus.

1. Developing Your Online Business Foundation

Bluehost started in 2003 with the mission of helping its customers with website hosting and technical support for physically getting websites published. Around the same time was the creation of WordPress. WordPress is a highly popular web platform which allows you to build a website with enhanced customization, features, and plugins, which other platforms do not.

Some entrepreneurs find the idea of using WordPress overwhelming and too advanced for their level of expertise. Having developed a close relationship with WordPress early on, Bluehost helps alleviate these fears by providing a user-friendly experience for you to use the WordPress framework. Now, your online business foundation can be set up for long-term growth.  

2. Mapping Out Your Customized Roadmap For Success

Beyond the technical support of setting up a customizable website, Bluehost has a service called, Blue Flash—a feature that is changing the game for its customers. Blue Flash is a service where you can call in and receive help in growing your online presence using the WordPress platform. It has been on the market servicing customers since April 2019 and, as shared during their May immersive New York City pop-up event, Bluetopia, the feedback so far has been extremely positive.

Zaheer says, “it's a service that we think is going to be impactful for small businesses because it takes the guesswork out of it. Now, they have someone that's in it side-by-side, and we're with them every step of the way.”

When you set up your hosting plan through Bluehost, a Blue Flash customer service representative supports you in gaining clarity on the long-term vision for your business. By focusing on your vision upfront, the representative can make sure that you have the information, knowledge, tools, and resources you’ll need as you grow.

“We're essentially offering a full suite of solutions now along with the advice to teach you how to use it, and teach you why it's important, and how to leverage technology to enhance your business outcomes,” says Zaheer.

Blue Flash provides consultation and recommendations for online best practices, content placement, image optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), setting up Google Ads, and streamlining your communication solutions as you hire a growing team. Essentially, Blue Flash is supporting you as you take your business from the infancy stage to driving sustainable productivity.

And the best part, Blue Flash is included with your hosting package as part of the Bluehost customer service. Consider the company an essential partner alongside your business, as the team provides you with a roadmap for success

3. Supporting You For Long-Term Success

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is having to set up multiple service providers to establish various aspects of their online business. With Blue Flash, everything website related is in one place, a move that is undoubtedly taking Bluehost beyond the realm of solely being a website hosting provider.

Clearly, Zaheer and his team understand the value of building a long-term relationship with its customers based on trust.

Bluehost is thinking ahead of its competitors knowing that brand value delivery will ensure future success for themselves and their customers. Zaheer and his team are tapping into their existing and new customer base and expanding their services to include solutions many business owners so desperately need.

“It's a unique service. We've transitioned away from being a pure hosting company to being a small business support network. It's something that we take a lot of pride in because if you look at the market, 60% of small businesses don't even have an online presence. That's problematic.”

With Bluehost's enhanced services, you can feel supported knowing you can quickly build your online presence, let you're customers and clients know you're open for business, provide an optimal experience for your visitors, and grow a productive team infrastructure for long-term success.



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