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Corporate Security: Understanding the Areas of Immense Importance

BY Laura Bartlett

Security in a corporate environment has multiple facets to it, which vary according to the nature of the business and its proceedings. If, however, any company neglects or fails to manage even one of the relevant areas of security, the results could be quite catastrophic for multiple associated parties, which of course, includes themselves.

This was true even before the internet was invented and later adopted in business as intricately as it is today, but now that the net is an inseparable part of modern business, security has become infinitely more complicated.

Multifaceted, Interconnected Approaches to Current and Potential Security Threats is a Necessity in 2019

As already mentioned, security never really had just one or two parts in the corporate world, at least not in the last few decades anyway. Now that technology has made everything more productive, connected and therefore, less secure, it is imperative for any organisation of value to take a multifaceted, but interconnected approach to security.

In other words, there is a need for various security teams, specialised in their respective sectors, but they must also work in perfect sync with each other to maintain the best secured internal environment possible.

What are the Most Important Security Threats for Organisations Today?

The exact parameters will vary quite a bit, depending on the kind of business the particular organisation is involved in. There are, however, various common points, and they can be somewhat generalised to at least provide an idea regarding what some of the most important zones of corporate security are.

A Lack of Knowledge About Corporate Security Among Decision Makers

Lack of sufficient knowledge in relevant fields of security is a severe problem that is particularly plaguing the SMEs. The larger corporate houses already are aware, which means that they hire qualified personnel to begin with, and then further train them with apt security courses that are specific to the role which the team or the individual will take up to maintain the organisation’s safety.

The small and medium scale business owners often do not have the knowledge or experience to notice seemingly small, but practically huge differences between each sector of security.

While going into the details is not necessary or even feasible for corporate leaders, a basic security course to acquaint themselves with the basic concepts of corporate security is still essential. The leaders need to know the various types of protections that their respective companies will need in order to choose the right personnel for each department and start the right training initiatives for the present workforce.

Cybersecurity: A Very Broad Term Which Encompasses Everything

Cybersecurity is a simple word that has so many subdivisions and layers to it that the word has become a generalised term for all security-related elements to almost any digital technology at this point. Therefore, cybersecurity is no longer about having an IT support department, original Windows, and good antivirus software, although it’s a start nonetheless! In an ideal situation, cybersecurity must be ensured by a team of coders, white hat hackers, and specialised cybersecurity personnel. 

Security and Public Safety Courses Worth Taking

From Diplomacy and Security Studies to Intelligence and Security Management, there is no shortage of interesting and valuable courses worth looking at. 

The Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) course is ideal for learning cutting-edge tactics, in regard to risk assessment, risk management, storage security, software vulnerability assessment and detection, encryption, host and server security, cloud security, as well as a whole list of other advanced cyber threat prevention and countermeasures. IT professionals with a CompTIA Security+ certification are more suited to take on the CASP security course, although that’s not a technical necessity.

The Setting Standards in Public Service course can be found on and it is one of the most comprehensive postgraduate public safety security courses available. This comprehensive training program is designed for senior public officials, as well as people working for public institutions. It covers everything you need to know if you want to command the trust of the people you work for. A security and terrorism law post-grad certificate is also a valuable addition to your CV if you want to counter terrorist threats. 

Whether you are hoping to work in private security, international relations or the diplomatic sector, the right qualification will prove invaluable.

Physical Security: Underrated and Often Regretted as a Result

There is little doubt about digital security seeming more important than physical security, because after all, most of the business is conducted online today.

However, what is often neglected is the fact that all processes are, at the end of the day, still controlled by human beings, who are very much vulnerable to planned attacks. If a group of criminals is able to abduct a high official, blackmail and ransom will follow, rendering all digital security measures useless.

Therefore, corporate security must also employ security personnel with qualifications in fields such as criminology, Intelligence and Security, Level 3 or Level 4 Corporate Security training, Event Security training, etc.

The exact kind of security one may need to maintain the safety of the business and its key personnel will depend mostly on the nature of the business, as already discussed. However, only one kind of physical security is never enough, especially if the company is a famous one with considerable value.

To determine the kind of training each company security personnel should have, visit findcourses and go through their long list of security courses. As an employer, it will allow you to know both who to hire and what training your current security force should undergo in order to maintain safety.

At the very least, expect any and all corporate security professionals to have training or experience in the following fields:

  • As a body guard and a security guard
  • Being part of a large/small security unit
  • CCTV surveillance and management
  • Static guarding and patrolling
  • Multiple door supervision
  • Vehicle immobilisation training
  • Close quarter combat and close protection training

Legal Security: Compliance is Complicated

More organisations have been ruined by bad reputation and legal disputes than anything else, so legal compliance is an essential step to take for each and every corporate entity.

Failure to comply with the safety and security measures set by the UK government will also create a very unsafe environment for the workforce, as well as a prosecutable corporate vulnerability. The same also applies when a breach of contract is detected and filed against by a partner organisation.

To ensure legal security of the company, the following few measures are highly advised.

  • Making sure all mandatory work safety measures are in updated compliance
  • Compliance to UK corporate laws, specific to the kind of business and establishment in question, must also be maintained
  • Cybersecurity laws must also be respected, which includes customer privacy agreements
  • The legal team should always be on top of any legal notifications sent by the governing authorities or any disgruntled partners/employees

Corporate security is a vast and complicated field, which is only going to get more complicated as a company grows in stature and operation. Preparation and consequent adaptation are key to keeping any organisation safe from the threats we just discussed, although a more comprehensive list would have to be much longer.


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