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Celebrity Makeup Artist, Mally Roncal On The Three Things It Takes To Build Your Brand

BY Team BossBabe


When Beyoncé, JLo, Madonna and Rihanna all go to one person to get their makeup done – it’s safe to say it’s a big deal. Mally Roncal, one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry sat down with Danielle in a recent podcast to dish on her journey as a makeup artist and how her philosophy around beauty created a path for her she never knew existed.

Here, we detailed the three key takeaways that helped build her brand and how you can use them to build yours while staying true to your values.

Always Choose Positivity 

Doing your best in every situation is what's going to grow your career – not your ambitiously calculated moves. People like being around people who are happy, it’s a fact. And that is what helped Mally to gain trust and build lifelong friendships in the industry. Having a healthy mindset about yourself and constantly reminding others to do the same is a guaranteed way towards success. Mally makes it her mission to encourage women to go out each day to find what makes them happy – because when you’re happy and grateful, you open yourself up to new opportunities.

Know Your Brand Values

Mally’s signature look can be credited to starting her self-titled makeup line, Mally Beauty. Her go-to bronzey, smokey eye and dewy yet peachy skin is what catapulted her into stardom. Actually, it’s the very look she used on Beyoncé that landed her a two-year contract with her. “Beyoncé’s skin was poreless and flawless” Mally recalled as she explained why she didn't feel the need to cover her face with foundation. “Concealer, mascara, blush and gloss that’s all she needed.” 

“With your face and my makeup it takes 10 minutes – not two hours…” (when referring to the first time she did Beyoncé’s makeup) – Mally Roncal

This is what created a change in the industry. Capitalizing on that moment is what set her apart and created her brand values. When you go against the grain it allows you to take risks and there’s so much power in that. 

Celebrate Who You Are

Fully accepting who you want to be without covering that up is powerful – embrace who you are and let people be who they want to be. Mally has had many celebrities sit in her chair nitpicking about their flaws. But as a makeup artist and (often times therapist) she has to remind them these thoughts are fleeting and we all have them. Confidence is a choice. Feeling 100% like you are a badass queen is Mally’s number one goal for her clients. Accept and know who you are and know how to celebrate it because what makes you different is what makes you beautiful.

Check out the full podcast to learn more about Mally’s journey in the industry here.


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