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We support and celebrate women entrepreneurs across the globe. So, Find inspiration and motivation in our “Women Like You” blogs and grow your business today!

Women Like You: Boost Confidence with Professional Branding – 3 Successful Business Cases

Entrepreneurs often feel they have to do it all themselves and can’t invest in certain activities until the business picks up. An area that tends to suffer is marketing...
Leslie Scofield bossbabe

BossBabe Success Story: How Leslie Scofield Balances Heart + Hustle

We dove into our very own BossBabe community to share the stories of women who are chasing their dreams, taking our courses and killing the game -- all with...
kelsey Foremost

Women Like You: How copywriting can triple your profits, just like magic!

Today we're talking to a very inspirational BossBabe, expert copywriter & educator Kelsey Formost. She owns and operates her own company; Magic Words Copywriting where she helps other female...
reach freedom

Women Like You: How to Reach Freedom (Personal and Business) with Oksana Gromova

We explore how to reach freedom with Oksana Gromova, co-founder of thePerson recruitment company, in Ukraine, Being a working mum of two is challenging enough, juggling a family, a fulltime...

Women Like You: Choosing a Business You Love that Becomes Part of your Life

We are delighted to chat with Leslie Polizzotto, a successful Attorney turned Co-Owner of The Doughnut Project, on leaving 9-5 to become an entrepreneur and creating an inspiring new...
Bossbabe Women Like You Entrepreneur

Women Like You: Mental Health Didn’t Stop my Entrepreneur Dream, Kathleen Nabangxang

Kathleen Nabangxang, Managing Partner and Director of Sales at Vancouver Key to the City , shares how it is possible to succeed and kick butts as an entrepreneur despite...
building relationships with Marisa Donnelly of Be A Light Collective

Women Like You: Building Relationships With Marisa Donnelly Of Be A Light Collective

Marisa Donnelly is the founder of Be A Light Collective, writing coaching, editing, and tutoring services company dedicated to building relationships.
Sylvia Guinan

Women Like You: How Sylvia Guinan found her purpose and nailed her niche.

Today we are diving into how Sylvia Guinan found her purpose in life, nailed her niche and creates meaningful change in the world.   SARAH JANE NYMAN Q: You originally thought you...
rebuilding isn't failure

Rebuilding Isn’t Failure: Following Your Intuition with Ashley Graham of Brandesso

What if failure was a part of the process? What if failure wasn’t really failure at all, but a chance to restart and realign with your goals and purpose?

Women Like You: How to Create a Global Success with Passion, Action and Contribution

When I first read about Environmental Scientist turned Entrepreneur Penny Bauder, and how she built her exciting and forward-thinking company Green Kid Crafts, I couldn’t wait to connect to...