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the right time to start

The right time to start is now

I have a newly single friend (from whom I have permission to share!) who not so long ago took up online dating.  ‘I really like this guy I’m talking...
Women in STEM

Yes, I Look Like a Developer: Proving My Worth as a Woman in STEM

“Are you really a developer? You don’t look like one.” Sigh. I have gotten this question so many times, I’ve lost count. Always with a straight face and almost exclusively...

How Sustainability Drove This Hairdresser To Create A Company Like No Other

As the editor of BossBabe, I have the privilege of interviewing some of the most inspiring and resilient female entrepreneurs on the planet and share their insights with thousands...

Getting Down and Dirty with Business Fantasy vs. Business Reality

Your mindset is focused on the outcome and what people say your business needs to look like, but let's strip back the Instagram filters as I talk over what Business Reality really is.
Optimising Your Mental Health

Six Tips To Optimise Your Mental Health

A few years ago, I moved to Auckland for a dream job. I was excited but also deeply anxious about whether I would be ‘good enough’. I put huge pressure...

How Do You Measure Your Own Success?

In the millennial world, there are infinite variables of success that we aspire to. Whether that’s a certain level of Instagram exposure, a particular look or body type, or even...