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Building Your Business Just Got Easier with .ONLINE

BY Natalie Ellis

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Building a business comes with a handful of challenges. From concept to creation, there’s a lot of pieces that make up the puzzle.

It’s a hassle trying to figure out the best way to reach your audience, and it’s important to remember that the setup phase plays a crucial role in the long-game success of your brand.

Having a business website is essential and is the first touchpoint your audience has with you. It’s important to capture their attention and encourage them to stay.

Your domain name plays a major role in this. A strong, searchable domain name makes it easy for your audience to find you and gives you the opportunity to build an instant connection.

There’s good news, building your business just got easier with .ONLINE domains.

How to build an online business

So you have the product or service you want to sell and you want to know what to do next, right? Here’s a simple checklist of items to ensure you launch effectively:

  1. Know your niche: Understand who needs your product, down to a single avatar. You want to know their fears, what they love, how your product could help them, how to talk to them, etc.
  2. Know your product: Seems like an obvious one, but it’s important to know how your product can deliver a specific end result – get clear on what that is. Create a bulleted list of what your product or service does for your niche.
  3. Simple branding: You don’t need anything fancy in the beginning, but you should definitely find a suite of colors that you want to base your website off of. (Tip: Pinterest ‘color palettes’ for some inspiration).
  4. Map out your website: Before actually creating your website, it’s helpful to have your pages mapped out ahead of time. What kind of content do you want to include? Do you have pictures you want to showcase?
  5. Pick your domain name: You want to choose a strong domain name so your niche can find you (and buy from you). Need more help with this? Keep reading!

What are domain names anyway?

A domain name is the name you choose to register your business online. This unique name gives your ideal clients / customers the ability to find your business, which is why it is incredibly important to pick the right one.

Here are a few examples:

Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the right domain is easier than it may seem, but is still a strategic move nonetheless. When you have a clear understanding of what your business is and how you want your audience to reach you, this process can be fun.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use keywords: When choosing a domain, it is important to include your industry keywords. If you have a specific offer or specialty product, try and include those words within your domain. For example, gives you clear understanding of what is offered.
  • Consider location: Along with keywords, it may be in your best interest to include the location or a geo-specific subdomain in which your business operates. For example,
  • Keep it short and sweet: Long domain names aren’t just difficult to remember or to physically type out, but they are actually less favorable to search engines. Instead of getting a domain name with hyphens, unnecessary words (such as, get a brandable domain name, such as
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Domain extensions or new domain extensions play a role in the searchability of your domain name. When you consider a new domain extension, like .tech, you immediately give accurate information on what your business is. You also give search engines the opportunity to put your site in front of the person who may be searching for that type of service.

Since technology is a saturated industry, having an industry specific domain extension will allow you to stand out amongst the competition and encourage your audience to click.  

What are the different domain extensions?

The .com domain extension is the most commonly used extension. It’s important to consider a more unique identifier than a .com.

Other domain extensions include:

  • .press : media, press, journalism
  • .gov : government
  • .edu : educational, informative
  • .tech : technical
  • .store : e-commerce
  • .org : nonprofits, non-commercial
  • .online : unique, trend-setting

Why you should consider .ONLINE

.ONLINE is easily understood in most languages which is great for building a global brand, especially for those looking to build and grow their influence “online. It’s also  easy  to remember, unique and trend-setting. Not only is the extension applicable for most businesses and brands, but it has more available domains than over-saturated extensions like .com.

Why is .ONLINE important?

Domain names are important for any type of business and in any type of industry. Here are the top reasons .ONLINE is important:

Relevant: With .ONLINE, you get a sharper and more relevant domain for your business.  So, you don’t need to compromise EVER if your desired domain name is unavailable on .com.

Versatile: The versatile nature of .ONLINE makes it perfect for all types of businesses. Whether you are a start-up, an established brand, a restaurant or a podcast, there’s a relevant .ONLINE domain available for you.

Search engine friendly: .ONLINE is not only popular but also treated equal  to .com, .org, etc in its organic search ranking by Google.

Globally popular: Over 1M .ONLINE domains have already been registered across 170 countries around the world.

Build your business online

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Building a business online is tough, yes… but you’ve got this. #OnlineIsEasy


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