Change is inevitable and most often welcomed when you are the initiator of life’s shifts. However, panic, cold sweats, worry, or indifference are the most common biological responses to a forced metamorphosis in your cozy world. (Did I fail to mention silent screams)?

I’d rather you face personal evolutions with confidence and a cool demeanor because ultimately, that change is leading towards your life’s purpose. Still tinkering with the idea of purpose? Or how about identifying monetized passion? Let me share a secret with you. You can ATTRACT the change you desire in life by designing it.

The Backdrop:

Many of us will run a fervent Rat Race as long as life is comfortable and familiar. You know…as long the opportunity to live in your childhood bedroom while deciding ‘what you want to be when you grow up’ is still available. This leads to a willful determination to not ‘rock the boat’ or walk on water towards a life you’ve secretly fantasized about.

Most are least likely to eschew the Rat Race due to a timely direct deposit every two weeks. Sure, the funds may come from a job that threatens your sanity. Yet, the paycheck funds habits complete with frothy lattes, brunch dates and impromptu shopping dates with friends. You might be thinking “Where’s the cheese?” and stretch a little bit to run a little faster on a wheel that goes nowhere fast. It’s just a habit that maintains a cushy lifestyle and buys time until your business or personal mission plan have been dusted off.


There will come a time where the catalyst of change with spark a revolution in your world. What will you do? Whether that spark comes as a force of fire that makes you change OR an innate yearning to BE BETTER and LIVE BETTER than your current state rumbles like a tummy that hasn’t been fed in 24 hours. KNOW that you can attract a life you truly want to live and design it too.

What is the secret to attracting what you want?

Design your life.

The best way to start is to be open to exploring a world beyond the wheel going nowhere. Here are seven steps to designing your best life and attracting what you really want. It will make you resilient during times of change and chaos.

1. Learn to accept yourself- You are unique and wonderful. Embrace your flaws and all.

2. Create an inspiring environment to create and work- Vision boards are a start to visualizing the space you need to create your best life. HGTV has some awesome makeover ideas too.

3. Allow time and space to dream- Schedule time to meditate and dream about your next level.

4. Assess your squad- It’s been said by many, including Will Smith, that you are who you hang around. Spend time with inspiring people who can take you higher. Don’t know any personally? Tune into a podcast or keep reading my blogs.

5. Take action- Invest in learning and strengthening skill sets.

6. Get to work: Establish smart goals with deadlines and consequences.

7. Celebrate- Pat yourself on the back and continue to set up milestones that can be celebrated as you attract what you want.

Patti Stanger, known as the Million Dollar Match Maker, took a risk at the age of 38 to design her best life. Her journey involved sacrificing comfort and the familiar so that she could get to know her true self and move across the country to manifest her vision.  Although it was not easy, she survived. The result is a powerful personal and business brand that SHE designed.

Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. You are so worth it and have the power to design your best life. Manage the wave of change in your life.