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Launch Lessons: Your Story is What Makes You Successful – Here’s How to Tell It Properly

BY Team BossBabe

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To succeed in business, you don't have to be the most qualified person in the room, you just have to be the one with the best story…

The most powerful tool for your growing your business is something that's existed for centuries.

It's used in every single context to promulgate philosophies and communicate beliefs. And it has nothing to do with numbers, smarts, software or algorithms.

That tool is the art of storytelling — and it's an art that can easily be taught and perfected with practice. It doesn't matter what industry you're working in or what skills you already have.

You don't have to be a writer or professional speaker to craft stories that people connect to. In fact, many writers and speakers fall short in this area.

Storytelling is less about the words you use and more about the feelings those words convey. It's about honing in on the personal experience and translating it to a universal truth.

In business, storytelling is a way to bring a human touch to your work. It's a tool to share your values, your mission, and your vision in a way that people remember and respond to. Here's what you need to know to master the art of brand storytelling…

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling taps into our nature; it's an integral part of the human experience. Stories help us recognize patterns, synthesize facts and derive meaning from all the information we're flooded with daily.

In every culture around the world, stories are used to teach values and bond communities. In business, stories are essential for building an engaged audience and pushing people to take action.

Stories stimulate imagination and passion. They create a sense of community and connection that can be a huge advantage for making your brand something that people remember and trust.

In business, storytelling is the secret sauce to being influential. We're not talking about having thousands of followers on social media. We're talking about real influence – the kind that makes you a leader and an inspiration.

Brand storytelling is about connecting to your audience and making sure they're listening on a deep level. The human mind is more likely to remember an emotional connection than a plain fact.

Authentic storytelling is also key to gaining consumer trust. A genuine narrative is more likely to connect with consumers than one that's exaggerated to capture attention. The bottom line is you're not going to buy something from people you don't know — brand storytelling allows you to scale intimacy and showcase the things that makes your business special and worth buying into.

Extracting Your Experience

How can you use the principals of storytelling to create a brand experience that people resonate with? Start by reflecting on your values and practice getting vulnerable with your audience.

You don't have to spill your heart out on social media to be an authentic storyteller. Every experience you have has value that deserves to be shared. You don't need to have a life-changing moment to have a story worth telling — great stories can even come from small experiences.

The truth is that every single one of us has the power to shape someone else’s life through our stories.

two women sitting on couch as an example of brand storytellingIt is easy to watch people on social media spitting out stories like it's second nature. You might think “I can’t do that.” “ I will never sound like her.” Well, newsflash, it wasn’t always that way. This is a skill set that every successful business owner has had to learn to do and continue to work on every day.

The goal of brand storytelling is not to copy me or mimic someone else. This is your chance to communicate your unique values, knowledge, and experience. To be a great storyteller, first, you must examine your own narrative, then, use your voice to share your vision with the world.

How to Find Your Voice

Finding your voice is about honing your perspective. It's less about what you say and more about how you're saying it.

Have you ever received advice from someone and not taken it? Only to receive the same advice from someone else and then felt compelled to take action? It happens to all of us.nSometimes we just need to hear it from another person. We need that advice to be shared in a different way.

Your story may be similar to someone else's, but the way you tell it, and how you express yourself will land differently because it is uniquely yours.

To define your voice and find your story, think about your values. Spend time reflecting on why you do what you do. Is it for financial freedom? Ownership over your schedule? A desire to impact lives?

Think back to before you started your business, to when you started to feel the need to move from idea to action.

Sit down and write a list of three reasons why you do what you do. Next, add some structure.

“The Hero's Journey” is a classic story storytelling framework. Originally developed by academic Joseph Campbell in 1949, it refers to the process in which a character ventures out to get what they need, faces conflict, and ultimately triumphs over adversity.

What's your hero's journey?

The Right Way to Tell Your Story

Brand storytelling is not just about the highlight real. Your story doesn't have to come solely from a place of trauma or success. It can include the defining moments, the low moments, the regular moments – whatever feels real and relevant to you.

If you are still unclear about your story, or you want to become even more effective at sharing it then sign up for this FREE live training.

You have it in you. The content lives inside of you now. It is NOW time to extract it and share it with the world.

There is no new information that you need to go out there and learn. You just need the blueprint to take what you already know and monetize it.


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