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7 Unexpected Career Paths For People Who Love to Travel

BY Ashley Stahl

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Are you in love with traveling? Do you get super excited to see the world and experience all that life has to offer? Over the years, I’ve spoken to so many people who LOVE to travel, but can’t seem to find a job or career that grants them that type of freedom. People are always asking me, “what can I do?” and “what types of jobs are out there for someone like me?” 

I believe that you can make plenty of money doing what you love. If you feel called to travel and see the world, then trust yourself! That means listening to your intuition and following your heart. 

We often get lost in the logistics of how we’ll get somewhere, we don’t even allow ourselves to feel into what’s possible for us in our career. Have you been struggling with this? It’s never too late to make a career change and find something that truly (and deeply) lights you up! 

If you’d like to explore the world and make enough money to live the life you see on your vision board, this article is for you. 

For my jet setting babes who are ready to have an epic and fulfilling career, here are some incredible career paths for people who love to travel…

The 7 Best Career Paths for People Who Love to Travel

Career Path #1 → Event + Party Planners
This takes a very special type of person, as you have to be as detail-oriented as you are creative and energetic! Does planning an event for companies that serve international markets get you excited? You could run point on planning events in other countries and get to travel, while also being in charge of these events. Think Google, Olympics, the World Economic Forum, Miss Universe and beyond. If you’ve got the energy, the drive and the focus – event planning could be a really great option for you to consider. 

Career Path #2 → International Tour Director
If you are great at giving instructions and love people, consider being a tour guide or international tour director. This type of job could allow you to visit epic and amazing sites all around the world, while learning, growing and sharing your knowledge with others. Institutions such as IES study abroad, Contiki Tours, or Schusterman Foundation employ such workers. This is a very exciting and fulfilling career for people that love meeting different types of people, and have an affinity for learning or history. You can find these jobs in all major destinations around the world, so there’s no shortage of opportunities for you to explore. Think Italy, Spain, Greece, Africa and more. 

Career Path #3 → English Language Teacher
If you’re someone that thrives in languages and loves to teach others, this could be a perfect fit for you. Have you ever considered teaching English or another language as a career path? ESL teachers are needed worldwide and are very in demand in places like Asia. You’re paid well, you make a difference and you can travel the world while teaching about language and culture. Think Asia, Europe, South America and beyond!

Career Path #4 →  Hospitality, Bartending + Serving
As you can imagine, restaurants and hotels can be found in *every location* around the world, so if you have any expertise or experience in food, beverage or hotels, you could totally rock this sort of job. It’s work that you can focus on while you’re there, without bringing it home with you at the end of the day. Bali, London, Rome… Here you come!  The sky's the limit! 

Not sure whether this path is right for you? Take our quiz on how to discover your actual dream career.

Career Path #5 → Foreign Affairs + Public Service
Have you ever considered a career in foreign affairs or public service? This could be a very exciting and fulfilling career path for people that are interested in politics, policy and service. Foreign Service Officers (FSOs), for example, undergo one of the most intensive examinations in the government to work in embassies abroad. If this interests you, consider reading The Economist daily for a year before the exam. This career path offers lots of great advantages, such as strong benefits, job security and pay. While there is a bit of a long process to get started and qualify for this role, it could be an amazing opportunity to be in service while spending time abroad. 

Career Path #6 → Cruise Ship Entertainment
Transportation is another big industry for travel lovers to consider, as there are tons of unique job opportunities to explore. You could work as an entertainer for a cruise ship that travels to Europe, the Carribean or Alaska. You could work as a cook or bartender, or as a hotel manager, childcare provider… and the list goes on. There’s tremendous opportunity worldwide for you to work in hospitality. This can happen while traveling by ship, plane or bus in beautiful places. Plus, you can get great benefits from these types of jobs as well. Maybe you’ll get free meals and accommodations – which is pretty awesome! This can be a competitive career, so be sure to stand out and put your best foot forward when interviewing. 

Career Path #7 → Service-Based Entrepreneur (Wedding Photographer, Coach, Writer + More!)
Have you ever considered building your own business as a freelancer? If you have a specific skill set that you’d love to bring to the world – like wedding photography, consulting, writing, coaching or more – this could be an amazing way for you to see the world, build your career and participate in the gig economy. Love the idea of being location independent and sharing your creative skills with people all over the world? This path could definitely be exciting for you.

You’ll have to put yourself out there and connect with people, both digitally and in-person, to share your skills and get your business service out there in the market. Also, note that your citizenship comes with limits for how long you can be in another country without a visa. Here's a quick hack: you can touch ground in your native country for 24 hours, and make your way back to wherever you love. I believe in you, boss babe, and I know you can make it happen! In fact, I wrote my entire career book (out in 2021) in Bali, France and California. With new locations, comes new inspiration!

How to Change Your Career

Remember that you don’t have you put your dreams and vision for your life off until the future. Now is the perfect moment to do something that puts you on your growth edge. If you’re someone that knows in your heart you’re supposed to see the world and do something different with your career, I encourage you to seek out the right path for you, get creative and open yourself up to new possibilities. 

Ask yourself: what would I love to be doing with my precious time and energy? Where do I see myself doing this type of work? Am I willing to be brave and try new things? If you can answer these questions with honesty and excitement, I know you're in for an amazing, fulfilling and passionate career ahead. 

YOLO boss babes… you’ve got this! Have questions about the best career paths for people who love to travel? Please comment below and share what’s on your mind. 



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