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What Is The Best Career Path for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

BY Ashley Stahl

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You’ve probably heard of or even taken the Myers-Briggs personality test at some point in your career. It’s an amazing tool for gaining insight into your own behaviors and ways of communicating with others.

This article is all about discovering your type, and exploring what career options align with it. Having this information and insight into yourself can be such a useful and valuable guide. It can provide you with a lot of insight into your professional life and help you to find a career that best aligns with who you are

As a career coach, I was so inspired by the power of Myers-Briggs that I created my own quiz to help you discover your best career fit in the workforce. Feel free to take it here.

Myers-Briggs has become a crucial tool I’ve turned to in support of my clients and students. I wrote this article to dive deeper into the different Myers-Briggs personality types and how you can use it to inform great decision-making in your career. 

Your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type

If you haven’t taken the Myers-Briggs test yet, no worries! Here’s a bit of an overview so that you can identify your 4 letter Myers-Briggs personality type. This tool shows how our behaviors that sometimes can seem to be random, are actually quite predictable based upon our perceptions and judgments. There are 16 different personality types, determined by an individual’s preferences in 4 different categories. Let’s break it down: 

  1. Letter #1: I versus E. This is all about how you get your energy. You’re either focused primarily on the inner world – “I” for introversion – or you’re more focused on the outer world – “E” for extraversion. Introverts get their energy from being alone. Extroverts generate their energy from being in the company of people.
  2. Letter #2: S versus N. This is all about how you take in information. You’re either more likely to focus on information as it’s taken in – “S” for sensing – or you’re more likely to add meaning to information based on how it feels, or intuition, also known as an “N” type.
  3. Letter #2: T versus F. This is all about how you make decisions. If you have a preference for logical, data-based decision-making, you’re probably a “T” for thinking. People who focus on the context, such as people or special circumstances, when they make a decision, which is an “F” for feeling.
  4. Letter #4: J versus P. This is all about how you manage your time. If you like to make plans and take care of things, you’re probably a “J” for judging. If you are more into being open-minded and spontaneous with plans, you’re a “P” for perceiving. 

Each letter represents the preference in each category, totaling 16 distinct personality possibilities based upon preference in each category. Myers- Briggs, coupled with my career fit quiz, makes for a highly insightful assessment when it comes to choosing your best career path. Click here to take our career quiz.

I am such a believer that when you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you can choose a career path that aligns with who you are at a core level. I know you’re probably wondering what the 16 different personality types are and the career implications for each one, so here’s a breakdown…

What's The Best Career Path for You?

ISTJ: Boss babes with this personality type are practical, factual, organized, and logical. If you’re someone that LOVES solving problems and really enjoy working with facts, numbers, and data, then you’re probably an ISTJ. You would thrive as an accountant, engineer, air traffic controller or security guard. 

ISFJ: Would you consider yourself to be super warm and sympathetic, but also detailed, organized, and thorough in your work? If you’re nodding your head yes and also would consider yourself to be a natural protector, you’re probably an ISFJ. You’d thrive in a career as a healthcare professional, or working with children. You could also be a bookkeeper since you’re also very detail-oriented.

INFJ: This type of babe is super sensitive, creative, and intense. These boss babes are advocates and often enjoy thinking about abstract and big topics like “the meaning of life” and our “greater purpose in being alive.” If you’re into language and symbols and often crave more meaning in your career, you’re probably this type and would thrive in a career within the arts, medicine, education, human resources, psychology or even science. You could even enjoy being a professor or working within a non-profit. Lots of options for you to pursue. Fun fact: this personality type is called one of the most uncommon types, with just 3% of our population identifying in this way. Pretty remarkable if that’s YOU. 

INTJ: This boss babe is very decisive, innovative and logical. If you’re able to apply your big-picture vision with your problem-solving skills, you’d crush it in technical careers like architecture, science, and engineering.

ISTP: Raise your hand if you’d consider yourself as hands-on and practical! This personality type is all about problem-solving, troubleshooting and thrives in careers related to computers, electronics, and technology. But you’re not just a tech girl, you also LOVE nature… so you could work in farming or ranching as well. 

ISFP: Another type of boss babe is the one that is gentle, adaptable and loyal. You love helping others and you could totally see yourself thriving in a career as a teacher, nurse or life coach. The BossBabe community is filled with amazing people that are this personality type, as you love giving back and being in service – critical pieces to thriving as an entrepreneur. 

INFP: Put your hands up if you are creative, deeply caring, and inquisitive. If you love helping others and have awesome communication skills, you could really rock it as a designer, musician or writer. This is a unique combination of skill sets, so get excited if this personality type resonates with you! 

INTP: Boss babes with this personality type are analytical, objective, and conceptual. You’re also a very curious person and love building things – whether that’s strategy or construction. You could crush a career as an architect or engineer! 

ESTP: Are you smart and energetic? You may be an ESTP. This type makes fabulous entrepreneurs, as they are realistic, logical and efficient. They have solid people skills, so they’re awesome in sales, and they’re best-suited for careers that don’t require a lot of routines… so if you love flexibility, this might be your personality type. 

ESFP: Are you energetic, caring and resourceful? Do you love helping others and being hands-on with your work? Careers for this type of boss babe range from food service to hospitality! As long as you are excited and enthusiastic about what you’re up to, you’ll rock your role. 

ENFP: Boss babes with this personality type are imaginative, creative, and caring. They’re very service-oriented and have great communication skills, so they totally rock careers as counselors, fitness trainers, and therapists. You could also really enjoy being an artist, actor or dancer!

ENTP: Give it up for the energetic, enthusiastic and theoretical type of boss babe. These ones love solving problems and working closely with others. This type often thrives as an executive in fields like business, the arts, and media.

ESTJ: Boss babes with this personality type are logical, assertive and results-oriented. They take charge and emerge as natural leaders in the pack. They often thrive as executives and are diverse enough to be successful in a wide variety of industries. So if you’re resonating with this type – it might be yours. 

ESFJ: This group is very sociable, caring and people-oriented. These babes are most successful in careers that enable them to serve others and fulfill their passion—think careers like nurses, doctors, childcare workers, life coaches, and teachers. 

ENFJ: ENFJ’s are passionate and charismatic! They’re sociable, warm and imaginative. This personality type leads naturally and cares about being of service to others. They thrive in careers where they can fully utilize and leverage their communication skills and work closely with others. Some of those careers that they’d love include the arts, humanitarian work, speaking, coaching, teaching or counseling.

As a career coach, speaker and author, it’s probably no surprise that I’m an ENFJ!

ENTJ: Lastly, boss babes with this personality type are organized, methodical and logical – all important aspects of a thriving entrepreneur. If you’re a fabulous organizer and planner, and love to lead – this may be your type. This group thrives in the corporate space and could really rock it in careers that focus on legal, engineering, sports and even science. Lots of career options and paths for this personality type to play with. 

How to Embrace Your Myers-Briggs Type

Having this insight and information into your specific personality type can really support you in choosing a career path that best suits your natural abilities and skills. Assess your Myers-Briggs personality type so that you can use this tool as a professional guide, especially if you’re at a crossroads in your career. 

Not everyone is well suited for working with detailed spreadsheets. Similarly, not all people thrive working in service-based roles like teaching or counseling. Some of us love working closely with others, while others work best independently. It’s time we see our low performance as feedback that it’s time to course-correct and change careers. As a career coach, I can say I’ve learned that everyone has a unique brilliance. It’s often simply your job to find it. Tests like Myers-Briggs, coupled with my career personality quiz, are game-changers.

When we can fully embrace our specific gifts and utilize our differences to our advantage, we can find a career path that fits us professionally and allows us to be highly effective and fulfilled. 

Have any questions about your Myers-Briggs personality type? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



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