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AUSSIE SERIAL ENTREPRENUERS | CREATIVE POWERHOUSE | They built a HOUSE to redefine the power of creative thinking – they believe that everyone has the potential to create epic things but rarely access the full potential of their creative mind. In this house lives a Wolf: A social savage who thrives from creating the ultimate human experience for every person who crosses her path. Serial entrepreneur and woman who is dedicated to leaving a positive footprint on this earth. And a Geek: An obsessive compulsive disruptor who thrives in a creative space. Serial entrepreneur, digital freak and creative mastermind who will definitely leave a footprint in your imagination. Together they are Wolf and Geek and run an imaginary madhouse – they are Award winning pair of social engineers who have a knack for branding and communications, a love for creativity and innovation and both thrive in a creative situation to design unique ideas and a fresh perspective every single day and every single life they encounter – if everyone could think outside the box – just think about where we would be tomorrow!