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Alicia Castro, founder of glorious copy co., is a copywriter, content marketer, and sales messaging consultant for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their sales, scale their businesses and build super-engaged communities. As a self-professed word-wielding warrior, Alicia's word wizardry has pulled brands out of the messaging rabbit hole and into a cash-generating Wonderland filled with purpose, prosperity, and power. Dedicated to designing luxury copy experiences for her clients so that they can spend more time ON their businesses and not IN it, she's written for entrepreneurs in a variety of verticals. Whether it's writing sales emails for high-ticket executive career coaches, penning done-for-you sequences for wellness consultants or redesigning e-book and webinar messaging for love and relationship experts, Alicia's passion lies within making sure the world not only hears what you have to offer - but that those who see your message actually buy into it, too. When she's not sprinkling a bit of her linguistic magic for small businesses, she can be found writing blogs for several female entrepreneur-focused membership programs, spicing up SEO content during the day for major Fortune 500 brands, or sipping on a hot cup of matcha tea.