Alignment & Authenticity with Justine Steel

By Stephanie Powell

Justine Steel, founder of Consciously You, is a Life Coach and Conscious Living Mentor. She works to help women who feel like they are drowning in their lives, to go from struggling to find purpose and direction to living unapologetically intentional and fulfilled lives. She focuses on consciously creating a life in alignment with their authentic self, showing women how to step into their unique power and own it! What started as a blog, sharing her own conscious living journey, quickly bloomed into a successful coaching business

In my enlightening interview with Justine – we talk about her goals and routines, plus how living in alignment can help shape a life your future self will raise a glass to. She’s wholesome, she’s funny and she’s an utterly endless source of knowledge – she’s Justine Steel.

First off, tell us a little bit about the birth of Consciously You and how it’s evolved?

Consciously You is the name of my 1:1 Coaching Process. It came about from Consciously Me – my blog that was born out of an inner calling to dig my heels in and start living in alignment with my truth – after feeling like I had completely lost my identity. Years before, after struggling for more than a decade with addiction, low self-worth and trauma from abuse, I fought and clawed my way into a normal life. I had no idea what ‘normal’ felt like until then. I immersed myself in personal & spiritual development, volunteer work, working with other women who had experienced similar things to me…

It wasn’t long before I was living a life beyond anything I could have imagined, but I kept getting to the top of the mountain only to realize I wished I had climbed a different one – if that makes sense? Although it was a while before I would actually clue into the significance of that realization. Like, I knew I wanted something else from life, but not what or why.

Fast forward to becoming a first time mom just 3 weeks after moving to a new town. I felt so in love with my son and, at the same time, isolated and like I had completely lost my sense of autonomy. I spent about 2 years caught in a cycle of exhaustion, guilt, blame, overwhelm – I had no idea who I was anymore and just kept wishing I could come up for air.

After a series of ‘A-HA’ moments, I finally got so sick of hearing myself complain about my life and blaming my lack of fulfillment on others.

This is where the heel digging comes in – where I jumped back in the driver’s seat and stopped giving away my power. This is where I owned that my fulfillment was my own responsibility and that I had not come this far only to come this far.

Accountability is SO huge for me, so Consciously Me was my way of holding myself accountable to how I ‘lived consciously’.

When I first connected with BossBabe, my goal was to solely continue along the blogging path. However, while trying to explain ‘alignment’ and ‘living consciously’ to people that asked what I did for a living, many people didn’t understand what I was talking about and wanted to know more about how it could apply to them. I realized how many people are out there in the rat race, doing what they think they’re supposed to do with no real sense of their authentic self, and how they can tune into that to create an intentional life filled with meaning and purpose.

I decided to create a free course to take people through the process I’d used to get my life back into alignment – which was the first stepping stone into coaching, even though I hadn’t realized it yet!

What is it about coaching that lights you up?

It’s definitely a combination of a couple of things.

My ideal client – is me! Not me now – the woman who knew there had to be more to life, but that maybe she had missed her chance to feel truly happy. So for me, it’s really connecting with clients on a deep level and understanding them, being able to feel with them. We use the term ‘pain points’ when we talk about marketing – but for me, it’s so much more than marketing. I really do understand what these women are going through, because I have been them! I feel so passionate about sharing how it doesn’t have to be this way. When clients call me with a break-through, my heart just fills with joy – it’s hard to put in words.

“It’s connecting with people in a really heart-felt way, and hen watching that transformation unfold that really sets my soul on fire”


What was a defining moment or cherished memory in your business journey?

Definitely when Natalie and Danielle called me out on my blog! They were like “what are you doing? I get that you’re passionate about living consciously, but there is so much more to this for you.”

The truth is, I’d been talking myself out of coaching. Without wanting to offend anyone – the idea made me cringe, I couldn’t even say it out loud without laughing.

I think I just had an inaccurate, preconceived idea of the coaching role. When in reality, I had been in coaching type roles for a decade, and it’s such an inherent part of who I am.

I think fear, ego and worrying about what people would think were totally stopping me. I thought people would think.. ‘oh right! Now she’s a coach, huh!’. The moment that Natalie and Danielle said ‘what are you doing?’, kind of gave me permission to embrace it and start saying it out loud.

We’re nosey! What is your morning routine?

I actually recommend two morning routines!

You have your ‘ideal’ routine for your perfect morning; a morning when you have time and no distractions. Then you have a ‘base’ routine; if you can only do a few things, these are the things you do. I have two toddlers – so the idea of getting up and journaling or meditating like I see a lot of other people doing, isn’t always realistic.

My base routine is:

  • Get up and drink a full glass of water
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Have a coffee (Bulletproof Americano!)
  • Make my bed
  • Review my planner
  • I try not to turn my phone on until all of this is done.
  • Meditate while kids nap later

My ideal routine:

  • Get up and drink a full glass of water
  • Meditate (20-30 mins)
  • Journal
  • Healthy breakfast with coffee
  • Make my bed
  • Review my planner for the day

What do you do to look after yourself, whilst you’re looking after everyone else?

I have a base of go-to elements that I know I can turn to to make me feel better. This is so important for me because I have to be ready to give all the time.

“You can’t give what you don’t have.”

The morning routine, being in control/having processes, meditating when my kids are napping and alone time are all really important to me. It doesn’t take much to regain space and recharge myself. I also try to brain-dump regularly and prioritise everything.

Work out the ‘base elements’ that make you feel better and write them down – whenever you feel like you’re spinning, just give them a read and act them out. It might be a yoga session, a walk in the sunshine or a 10 minute cup of tea – just do what feels right for you.

If you had one tip to give to someone at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, what would it be?

Follow your heart – but not in a cliché way. Take some time to figure out who you are and understand what is really important to you. So often we chase what we think we want, what’s going to make us money etc. Come to a place of understanding what you’re passionate about – it sounds super profound, but it’s not! Just write down 5 or so core values and go from there.

What are your goals for 2019?

I wrote my goals with my husband, on New Years eve – so, I have both personal and business goals.

Personal goals:

  • Spending quality family together outside – we have some trips planned and weekend getaways fishing and camping
  • Renovations – fo life!
  • Alone time with my husband – such as a quarterly weekend away and monthly date nights
  • Lots of fun activities to do with our children!

Business goals:

  • Build a team to support me in admin, marketing etc.
  • Remain in my zone of genius – being creative and working with people
  • Launching a group coaching program

If you could sum yourself up in a quote, what would you say?

“When I lay my head on the pillow at the end of the day, will my heart sink or smile”.

This is really quick and easy way to gauge whether something you want to do is in alignment with your authentic self. For me, when I’m making a decision that doesn’t align with me, I get a little sinking feeling in my heart. That is how I know whether something is the right for me or not – just ask yourself, does this make my heart sink or smile? It’s so simple.

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justine one on one Many times. Her guidance has helped me grow into a person who makes decisions that I own and am proud of.

    She also inspired me to finally start my own business, something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. Everyone needs a Justine in their corner!

  2. Great interview with an amazing woman! I’ve been fortunate to have her guidance over many years of friendship and I’m so happy that she’s now in a position to share that passion, knowledge and experience with everyone else. Cheers to consciously creating your best life! ❤️

    • You’re the best! Thank you! That guidance was never unsolicited, was it?😉🤣

      Thanks for sticking with me all these years… we’ve come a long way together xo 💛

  3. I love my conversations with Justine and always look forward to talking with her!! I have often felt like I wouldn’t know what to do without! She has helped me find my path and continues to help me stay on it. Without judgment and genuine compassion she has personally helped me through some extremely tough times. She had guided me to see life through different lenses and feel gratitude and fullfilled in life. She has provided tools and principles to live by and am forever grateful for her help!!

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